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A look at the Link between Cosmetics and Breast Carcinogens – Part 2

SpecialChem / Nick Morante – Feb 16, 2009

Although the US Food and Drug Administration does not approve, review or certify cosmetic products or the ingredients that are used in them, they do have some controls over what is marketed to the consumer. This is done purely for the safety of the consumer. They only have the power to warn companies of certain potential hazards that may affect the consumer. This warning can come in the form of a letter stating the concern with a specific timetable where that company can fix the problem or voluntarily remove it from the shelves. Failure to do so in the time given will result in severe penalties assessed to the company. Of course the company in question will be forced to comply with the FDA's ruling. Known and probable breast carcinogens have absolutely no place in cosmetics and personal care products and never have. Yet despite growing concerns from consumers, the U.S. government does not systematically assess the safety of personal care products and some US companies continue to market cosmetics with known or suspected carcinogens, mutagens and reproductive toxins.

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