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A Cosmeceutical Cure for Baldness?

SpecialChem / Inside Cosmeceuticals – Apr 23, 2009

As far as the consumer products industry is concerned, it's hands off of the baldness indication. Hair growth is one of the few areas the FDA regulates and scans vigilantly, and cosmeceutical companies have been rightfully wary of pursuing any structure and function claim for the treatment of baldness and scalp health. Certainly, there are myriad dietary supplements on the shelves that tout internal well-being for optimal hair, skin and nail health. Biotin is the most well-known of these ingredients; but, many other vitamins, minerals and other nutrients are heaped into these formulations for their anecdotal as well as practical uses. However, many companies have run into problems with FDA and FTC for making even limited claims related to hair loss and baldness for dietary supplements.But, as one of the top five indications for consumer products companies to conquer, the idea and market for having an effective product to treat and or cure baldness for both women and men is far too attractive to ignore...

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