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Cosmetics Ingredients
The material selection platform
Cosmetics Ingredients
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Sodium Carboxymethyl yeast beta-glucan, water. CMG revitalizes the skin’s defense system, enhances the natural repair processes and reduces the sensitivity of skin. It is completely soluble in... view more
Sodium carboxymethyl beta-glucan. Can greatly revitalize the skin’s defense system, enhance the natural repair processes and reduce the sensitivity of skin. Is a kind of polysaccharide exists in the... view more
Angel Yeast
Yeast extract, water. Can promote collagen synthesis. Offers anti-inflammatory, soothing, moisturizing and revitalizing properties. Also provides nourishing and whitening properties. It can be used... view more
Yeast polysaccharides. Can lockup skin moisture effectively, long-lastingly and durably keep the skin moist. M60 still contains amino acids, peptides, which can penetrate into the skin and replenish... view more
Adenosine (and) Guanosine (and) Thymidine (and) Uridine (and) Water. Yeast Nucleotides N80 by Angel Yeast acts as a revitalizing, anti-wrinkle, whitening, repair and anti-aging agent. It is obtained... view more
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Yeast polysaccharides. Yeast polysaccharides. Acts as a moisturizing-, regenerating- and anti-aging agent. It is extracted from yeast cell wall and contain soluble glucan as well as mannan. It... view more
Saccharomyces/Zinc ferment, water. Zinc plays an important role in the skin renovation, and the lack of zinc will result in the skin dry, acne and skin chapping. It controls the excretion of skin... view more
Terlys Natural support for weakend skin control
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