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Products Compatible with Jeemate 300-OC

Based on HSP Distance

Products Compatibility & HSP Distance

Hansen Solubility Parameters (HSP) helps to predict the compatibility of ingredients.

It is based upon the “like seeks like” principle. It splits an ingredients interactions into three parameters :
- δD (Dispersion force interactions)
- δP (Polar forces interactions)
- δH (Hydrogen bond force interactions).

If ingredients have matching HSP’s (distance=0) then they will be completely compatible. If there is a small distance between them then they are predicted to have good but not perfect compatibility. As the HSP distance gets larger the ingredients will become more incompatible.

In general, ingredients having an HSP distance below 2 will have good compatibility. Between 2 and 4, you will have medium compatibility. Above 4, you will have limited to no compatibility.

Most HSP values used to calculate the distance are estimates. Information provided below is to be used as an indication of compatibility.
4 products match your search
Product Name
Elé Corporation
Hsp Distance: 0.8
Oleth-2 (>=90%). PEL-ALC™ OA-2 by Elé Corporation acts as a water-in-oil emulsifier, emollient and wetting agent. It is derived from the vegetable-sourced alcohol. PEL-ALC™ OA-2 finds application in... view more
  • OLETH-2
Elé Corporation
Hsp Distance: 0.8
Oleth-5 (>=95%). PEL-ALC™ OA-5 by Elé Corporation acts as a non-ionic oil-in-water emulsifier, emollient and fragrance solubilizer. It is derived from a vegetable-sourced alcohol. It is very gentle... view more
  • OLETH-5
Elé Corporation
Hsp Distance: 1.1
Isoceteth-20 (>=95%). PEL-ALC™ IC-20 by Elé Corporation acts as an emulsifier, emollient, non-ionic mild surfactant, fragrance solubilizer, thickening aid, conditioning and moisturizing agent. It... view more
Elé Corporation
Hsp Distance: 3.4
PPG-15 Stearyl Ether (>=95%). PEL-ALC™ SA-15P by Elé Corporation acts as a non-ionic emollient, cleanser, solubilizer, coupling and super-fatting agent. It offers light occlusive layer on the skin... view more
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