Emulsifiers in Cosmetics: Techno Brief

This techno brief guides about the role of emulsifiers in cosmetics. It also features the benefits of emulsifiers in cosmetics, their limitations, applications of emulsifiers and emulsifier types too.

Emulsifiers in Cosmetics

As water and oil do not mix, emulsifiers in cosmetics assist in forming homogenous mixtures of both. Emulsifiers in cosmetics stabilize the emulsion and influence the consistency of the formulation. Most of the cosmetic products like creams, lotions, sprays and foams make good use of emulsifiers in their formulations. Oil in water or water in oil, natural emulsifiers, silicon emulsifiers, etc are some common emulsifiers in cosmetics. Oil in water(O/W) and water in oil emulsifiers (W/O) can be synthetic. Natural emulsifiers on the other hand are derived from natural resources.
Emulsifiers create emulsions which are widely used as different cosmetic entities. These emulsions and their characteristics are talked about in the later sections of this guide.

Emulsifiers in CosmeticsEmulsifiers Benefits & Limitations
Emulsifiers in CosmeticsHLB System in Selecting Emulsifiers
Emulsifiers in CosmeticsEmulsifier Types

Solving Emulsion Stability Issues

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