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Sunsafe® T201C

Technical DataSheet | Supplied by Uniproma Chemical in-cosmetics global 2018

Titanium Dioxide (and) Silica. Sunsafe® T201C by Uniproma Chemical acts as a UV filter. It has excellent dispersibility. It efficiently blocks UV filters and improves PA and SPF. It is aluminum-free and contains low content of heavy metal and can be well combined with Sunsafe® ABZ. It possesses good photostability, has high light transmittance in visible area and provides high transparency. After surface treatment, it is non-irritant to skin. Sunsafe® T201C is suitable for allergic skin and child care products. It is used in sunscreen and daily care products.

Sunsafe® T201C Product details

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INCI Names
  • CI 77891
Chemical Composition
CAS Number
13463-67-7, 7631-86-9, 112945-52-5, 60676-86-0
236-675-5, 231-545-4, 262-373-8
Product Status
Applications/ Recommended for
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Regulatory Status
Last edited Jun 26, 2018
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