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SonneNatural® J-207

Technical DataSheet | Supplied by Sonneborn LLC

Vegetable Oil (Olus Oil - EU). SonneNatural® J-207 by Sonneborn LLC is an emollient, moisturizer, conditioning agent, solubilizer and dispersing agent. It contains 100% natural ingredients of vegetable origin. Offers beneficial properties like sensory, moisture retention, emolliency and rheological properties. It provides the the natural, classic look and feel of neat petroleum jelly. It is soft with medium cushion; very glossy with medium slip and playtime and high spreadability. SonneNatural® J-207 is ideal for use as an alternative to petroleum jelly. Used in lip and skin moisture balms, high-end hair pomades and body butters. It is available in US.

SonneNatural® J-207 Product details

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Product Status
Applications/ Recommended for
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Regulatory Status
Bio Based
Bio Based Content (%)

SonneNatural® J-207 Properties


Value & Unit
Test Condition
Test Method
Cone penetration, ASTM D-937
xxx dmm
Drop melt point, ASTM D-127
xx ⁰C
Color, lovibond 2, IP 17
xxx Y
Viscosity at 100⁰C, ASTM D-445
xxxx cSt
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