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Mafura Butter Seed Oil

Technical DataSheet | Supplied by Afrinatural Holdings

Mafura Butter Seed Oil by Afrinatural Holdings acts as a nourishing and revitalizing agent. It is obtained from the Mafura seed kernels. It is rich in essential fatty acids and is used to treat a range of skin ailments. It is known to be rich in palmitic and oleic acids with lower proportions of linoleic, linolenic and stearic acids. The high palmitic and oleic acids have proved to be good skin permeation enhancers. Mafura oil is combined with coconut oil to provide emollient and moisturizing effects. It is a good alternative to shea butter and palm oil. Mafura Butter Seed Oil is suggested for used in skin care products, natural soaps, lip balm therapy, etc.

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Obtained from the kernels extracted from the seeds of Mafura
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