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Process For Preparing Acylglycinates And Compositions Comprising Such Compounds

Application Date:
Jul 31, 2014
USPTO Patent:
US 14342110

Provided is a hair oil that spreads smoothly, gives a soft and light finish, and satisfactorily effectively imparts a moist feel, easiness of styling, and a glossy feel to the hair. The provided hair oil includes an...

Yuichi Sakanishi, Ohtake-shi (JP)
Kaname Hashizaki, Chiyoda-ku (JP)
Yoshihiro Saito, Chiyoda-ku (JP)
Hiroyuki Taguichi, Chiyoda-ku (JP)
International Classification:
A61K 8/55 (20140731); A61K 8/37 (20140731); A61Q 5/12 (20140731); A61K 8/34 (20140731)
US Classification:
424/ 701


What is claimed is:

1. A hair oil comprising an oil-based gel-like composition, the composition comprising a gel-forming agent; and an oil-phase component, wherein: the gel-forming agent comprises: a lecithin; and at least one selected from the group consisting of a polyglycerol and a polyglycerol fatty acid ester in a total amount of from 5 to...



The present invention generally relates to hair oils using oil-based gel-like compositions. More specifically, the present invention relates to a hair oil including an oily component in combination with a gel-forming agent including a lecithin, a specific polyglycerol or/and a specific polyglycerol fatty acid ester, which hair oil spreads smoothly...

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