SpecialChem Expertise in Open Innovation

SpecialChem Specialty Network

Open Innovation services at SpecialChem connects industrial facing technological challenges with ready-to-use solutions in chemicals and materials (polymers, coatings, adhesives, inks, sealants, cosmetics, biochemicals).

We help you to:

  1. Identify solutions to a challenge in product development - Technology Scouting
  2. Value your technology or know-how in adjacent industries - Technology Out-Licensing

What you will gain from leveraging our unique network:

  • Connect with solution providers to your challenge within 8 weeks
  • Get the best reach: +500,000 registered members, worldwide
  • Obtain quality proposals: network specialized in chemicals and materials
  • Collect ready-to-use solutions: business-oriented professional network
  • Clear deliverables: streamlined process, focusing on connectivity
  • Secured return on investments: we guarantee the results
  • Fast and efficient scout: interacting with an engaged network

OI Request introduction

Given our experience interacting with an engaged network since 2000, and our expertise in Open Innovation for 5+ years, SpecialChem will support you:

  • Framing your request
    • We give your brief clarity and enhance its attractiveness
    • We are specialized in chemicals and materials jargon
    • We translate your market need into a technical need
Opening the scope to provoke innovation

  • Digital Marketing Specialist
    • We know how to promote digital content within a broad community
    • We are data-oriented decision makers (attraction + conversion)

> Keeping up with best practices in the field

  • Confidentiality
    • Your name will never be visible
    • Preserve your innovation initiative and avoid bias to potential respondants
    • Get the same quality of feedback, regardless of the size of your company
Preserving your innovation initiative

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