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Improving Dispersion to Meet Expected Final Properties of Plastics at Lower Cost

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Recorded on Nov 10, 2022

Reach better performance (impact strength, tensile strength, gloss, flame retardancy, electrical/ mechanical properties...) in your plastics without overdosing additives/fillers and, hence reducing cost.

How? By mastering dispersion & understanding the micro properties!

Observe visible improvement of overall effects at lower cost and establish a new standard of quality with Expert Luis Roca. Save time as you realize the problems faster, establish a link between final properties, dispersion and processing conditions.

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Luis Roca Presented By:
Luis Roca

Length: 90 min

Course Type: Methodology
Level: Intermediate

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Why should you view this course?

Worrying if your product will meet the end properties or not, is real. But increasing the dosage of additives to compensate the failure in achieving optimal properties, increases the cost drastically. Also, this way the density of product increases and it could kick you out of the market.
Well, according to Luis Roca, instead of final property measurement start measuring dispersion, a key to avoid or solve failure faster.
Reasons you can't miss this course:

  • Save money as you achieve the desired properties without adding more additives.
  • Stay ahead of competitors by identifying the failure sooner with the measurement of dispersion and hence solving the root cause of the issue.
  • Increase standardizing and ultimately achieve a better way of assessing the quality of your product.

Who should view this course?

Formulators, Masterbatch producers, Compounders, Extruders & Additive suppliers who wish to discover how better dispersion can improve productivity, properties and appearance of the final product.

Course Outline

  1. What does dispersion mean to you?
    • How to achieve it?
    • Equipment
    • Chemical compatibilities
    • Dispersion and quality
    • Dispersion assessment

  2. How dispersion affects final properties
    • Mechanical
    • Aesthetics
    • Rheology & Processability
    • Final performance properties
      • Flame retardancy
      • Conductivity
      • Impact modification

  3. Dispersion in the value chain
    • How to improve it.
    • Compounders and Masterbatchers
    • Final processing
      • Injection moulding
      • Extrusion

  4. 30 mins Q&A- Interact live/ ask questions directly from the expert !
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