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How Global Trends Impact Beauty Claims

This is a Past Course

Recorded on Jun 12, 2019

Develop claims & strategies that align with complex, fast-moving consumers expectations by better understanding the effect of global trends on the beauty product buying decision.

Benefit from Karen Young’s focused, knowledgeable research to understand and adapt to today’s dramatic shift in consumer behavior. After this course, expect to develop a new approach to product development, supply chain management, and beauty claims.

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Presented By:
Karen Young

Length: 90 min

Course Type: Innovation
Level: Intermediate

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Why should you view this course?

Consumers are moving much faster than marketers and retailers. They are smart, well informed, and have never had so much power. It can be difficult to understand why consumers respond to some trends and not to others. It’s important to see how influences in one aspect of a consumer’s life can change her behavior in another area. For clear insights into this complex subject, join the course with Karen Young, a popular speaker at leading global events like InCosmetics, NYSCC, CosmoProf... and:

  • Benefit from Karen’s in-depth analysis of the beauty market and understand the influence of mega trends on consumer’s’ decision making

  • Decipher what your consumers value and expect behind buzz words like customization, sustainability, transparency…

  • Get guidance from a beauty expert with an impressive track-record to better communicate with the consumer
This realignment with today’s complex consumer expectations will help you define and grow your brand.

Consumers want experiences, not just products!
How Global Trends Impact Beauty Claims

Who should view this course?

Brand Owners, Marketers, End-product Manufacturers, Professionals involved in :
  • Production / Manufacturing
  • Marketing / Communication
  • Product development
  • Supply chain management

Course Outline

  • Review of 4 major, global consumer influences:
    • Why these influences are changing consumer behavior
    • Short /long term implications for dealing with consumers in beauty industry

  • Practical implication for your beauty products and communication:
    • Insights into what is meaningful to consumers
    • What are their priorities
    • How do they view their beauty experience ?
    • What problems can the beauty industry help them resolve
    • Best ways to communicate with them
    • How to turn them into fans of your brand

  • 30 mins Q&A- ask your questions directly from the expert !

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