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Coatings & Paints 101: From Novice to Coatings Pro

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Recorded on Jun 19, 2024

Give the right start to your professional career in paints & coatings industry by equipping yourself with an in-depth understanding of paint technology from a seasoned expert.

Jochum Beetsma will create an easy bridge to the industry with discussions on important concepts & keywords. He will simplify core fundamentals to help you participate to a higher degree in technical discussions, understand technical datasheets & articles and make better decisions in your day to day work.

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Jochum Beetsma Presented By:
Jochum Beetsma
Length: 90 min

Course Type: Technology
Level: Beginner

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Why should you view this course?

Paints are available across the globe & are going to stay for decades to come. As you join the industry, without being familiar with new/existing technical terms, industry key words, concepts or core fundamentals, you will easily lose connection in the field. Don’t get baffled by the enormity of the industry! Join the live course to:

  • Make a wise start in the paints & coatings industry by learning the core fundamentals - different types of paints & their properties, how they are made & the raw materials used, paint performance & testing…

  • Save time and cost as you’ll get equipped with the industry knowledge faster without hunting several books & online guides for basic concepts.

  • Make better decisions in your day to day work with in-depth understanding of paint technology, technical data of raw materials, technical articles, material selection…
Coatings 101: Introduction to Paints and Coatings Technology

Who should view this course?

Newcomers in paints & coating industry across the value chain: raw materials suppliers, paint producers, suppliers of equipment, users of paints…:
  • R&D personnel,
  • Sales & Marketing professionals,
  • Production staff,
  • Patent specialists and other staff employees...

Complete the course and (unlock your personalized certificate) – your badge of accomplishment awaits!

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Course Outline

  1. Introduction to paints & coatings
    • Core fundamentals
    • Different types of paints & their properties
    • How they are made / What raw materials to be used

  2. Key objectives of using paints: protection and appearance

  3. Composition of paint: 4 groups of ingredients:
    • Carrier: water, solvent
    • Binder system
    • Solid particles (fillers & pigments)
    • Additives

  4. How paints are produced

  5. Application of paint: brushing, spraying and rolling

  6. Film formation: the liquid paint transforms into a solid coating on the substrate

  7. Substrates: wood, metals, stone-like materials and plastics

  8. Key demands: adhesion, durability, flexibility, etc...

  9. Basic coating tests & much more...

  10. 30 mins Q&A- Interact live/ ask questions directly from the expert !
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Members Reviews

This course helped me to improve my knowledge about technical coating information.

Florencia Gonzalez , from Nildatex

VERY GOOD ! I handle inside sales and this introduction is very informative. I sell a lot of color and I am now into the resin side and I can see how everything fits together.

Peters M. , from D.B. Becker

New and old information was presented that will prove helpful in professional applications.

William Schreiber , from Sumter Coatings

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