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Anti-pollution Claims: How to test and document them?

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Recorded on Nov 17, 2023

Benefit from credible substantiated anti-pollution claims in your cosmetic products (skin-care, hair-care, toiletries, make-up…) by better understanding the scope of anti-pollution segment (incl. possibilities & limitations).

Karl Lintner will share insights & ideas about anti-pollution claims (preventions vs repair), test methods & clinical protocols for such claims, and criteria for choosing instruments. He will also discuss about the crucial regulatory & ethical considerations.                
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Karl Lintner Presented By:
Karl Lintner
Length: 90 min

Course Type: Methodology
Level: Intermediate

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Why should you view this course?

"Pollution damage" to skin and hair had been mentioned years ago, but no real work on testing for this existed. Now, when you work on anti-pollution claims, you must use new concepts and “story telling”. But the lack of general agreement on what anti-pollution claims really mean and how to substantiate them pose a big challenge! In the absence of industry-wide recognized parameters & test methods, how should you proceed ? Find out by joining this course!

You will: 

  1. Get a head-start into anti-pollution claims by understanding the type of products that can be used to generate anti-pollution protection

  2. Be fully armed to develop such claims by learning about test methods, criteria for selecting instruments, and how to measure & document such effects & benefits

  3. Know how to deliver credible substantiated anti-pollution claims that hold up against increased scrutiny of authorities & consumers by knowing the regulatory & ethical limitations

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Anti Pollution Claims

Who should view this course?

Ingredient suppliers, formulators, product development managers, marketing & communications specialists, and those working in regulatory affairs department looking to deliver substantiated anti-pollution claims

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Course Outline

  • Introduction:
    • What does pollution do to skin and hair?
    • How can the effects be measured?
    • What type of products can be used to generate anti-pollution protection?

  • How can such benefits be measured/tested, documented and claimed?
    • In-vitro tests
    • Clinical protocols

  • Examples of Anti-Pollution Cosmetic Products and Claims

  • Regulatory and Ethical Limitations

  • Damage Prevention vs Repair:
    • How does pollution interact with other damaging effects on skin and hair?
    • Shall we prevent and/or repair pollution induced damages?

  • 30 mins Q&A- Interact live/ ask questions directly from the expert !
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Members Reviews

EXCELLENT ! It's exactly what we've been brainstorming and approaching, but gives us so many other options beyond what we've explored already.

Danielle Di. , from Vantage Specialty Chemicals

EXCELLENT! Complete - testing + technology and literature review.

Floriana V. , from Boots

EXCELLENT ! Very comprehensive, a lot of information, in addition to some examples from suppliers.

Karahasanovic S. , from Kanebo Cosmetics

VERY GOOD ! All the explanations on the test method are very good.

Ma L. , from Solvay

Excellent course! Gave me a holistic understanding of the topic

Manisha , from Marico

A very interesting study to understand all about antipollution

Meneses , from COLGATE - PALMOLIVE

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