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Master Plastics Compounding with Essential Concepts &Techniques (Part-2)

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Recorded on Nov 29, 2018

Get to profits sooner by mastering the compounding process- thereby meeting new performance challenges and today’s consumers’ demands.

Expert, Luis Roca will share global concepts & practical tips to help you better understand and control the whole compounding process (Co-TSE machine set-up, screw design, pelletizing, material feeding, cooling, scrap reduction...) to enhance productivity & quality.

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Luis Roca Presented By:
Luis Roca
Length: 90 min

Course Type: Methodology
Level: Beginner

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Why should you view this course?

To adjust to the new standards and customers' demands (in automotives, E&E, home appliances...), you are required to produce more formulations. And while doing so, you need to ensure that the scraps are kept to the minimum and a good balance between productivity & quality is achieved. 

Looking to get practical tips to control your compounding process better? Join this course and:

  • Master the compounding process by understanding key concepts & controlling your compounding process (co-rotating twin screw extruder machine set-up, screw design, pelletizing, material feeding, cooling...)

  • Achieve a good balance between production and quality by standardizing the way of working (reduce scraps)

  • Meet the demands of today's consumers (in automotives, E&E, home appliances...) & get to profits sooner.

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Essential Concepts for Optimal Compounding

Who should view this course?

Compounders, masterbatch producers who want to master compounding process to meet today's demands + improve productivity & quality. 

Companies (extruders, engineers, technicians...) that want to set up a compounding line in their facilities.

Course Outline

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Topics covered in Part 1
  1. Introduction
    • What is compounding?
      • Definition, types of compounds, steps of compounding
    • Mixing, Dispersion …
      • Dispersion and mixing mechanisms, dispersion measurements
    • Process Definition

  2. Setting up the Machine: Co-rotating Extruder
    • Main figures, structure, parts, function of each part

  3. Screw Design
    • Screw elements and tips for screw design

  4. Control Process: Establishing Quality Control at Machine Level
    • Process parameters and response variables, steady state

    To be continued in Part 2

  5. Applying Concepts to Practice Screw designs, Feeding Protocols, Mixing Energies, Melt flow index… of
    • Inorganic fillers compounds
    • Fiber compounds
    • Masterbatches

  6. Peripheral Equipment - Main Aspects & Troubleshooting Common Issues
    • Feeders
    • Pelletizing

  7. Each part will contain 30 mins Q&A session- Ask your questions directly from the expert !

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