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UV/EB Coatings: Optimizing Curing in Practice

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Wednesday Sep 18, 2019

Troubleshoot UV|EB curing issues & tailor the curing speed of your UV coatings & Inks.

Leading expert Mike Clingerman will detail how the combination of coatings raw materials, UV equipment and ambient conditions affect UV curing and thus your final coating performance.

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Mike Clingerman Presented By:
Mike Clingerman

Length: 90 min

Course Type: Formulation
Level: Intermediate

Next Session: Sep 18, 2019
10:00 a.m. (New York City)
4:00 p.m. (Paris)

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Why should you attend?

Optimizing UV/EB coatings & inks curing process is central to ensure performance and competitiveness. But often you may end up focusing only on a few formulation parameters such as initiator, polymer type, viscosity... Whereas there are more factors to be considered to optimize performance! Join this course and:  

  1. Tailor the curing speed of your coatings & inks by reviewing all the factors affecting curing performance 

  2. Avoid unwanted interference with UV stabilizers, scratch / mar resistance… by understanding the impact of formulation components on curing process

  3. Solve your UV curing issues (incomplete, too slow, too fast) by better analysing the root cause and knowing the right parameters to adjust (chemistry, curing temperature, humidity….)

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Who should attend?

Ideally suited for experienced UV/EB coatings & inks formulators (at least 1 year of practice)

People considering to switch to rad-cure technology will also find it valuable to get started on good basis.

Course Outline

This course will take an all-encompassing approach to the development and commercialization of a radiation cured coating

The following points will be discussed:

  1. Formulation components & their effect on curing performance & cost
         • Binders
         • Photoinitiators
         • Catalysts
         • Successful combinations to best suit UV equipment

  2. Radiation cure methods / sources & factors that impact cost
         • EB Vs. UV irradiation methods
         • Traditional UV Arc Lamps vs. LEDs
         • Key factors impacting curing process (wavelength, peak intensity, exposure time…)

  3. Impact of ambient conditions on curing performance
         • Temperature
         • Humidity
         • Line speed
  4. Creating step-by-step a new UV Coating Formulation

  5. Troubleshooting poor curing performance
         • Identifying the origin of the problem
         • Solving strategies depending on the problem root cause
           (chemistry, equipment or ambient conditions)

  6. 30 mins Q&A- Interact live/ ask questions directly from the expert !.

  7. After the components have been discussed, they will be wrapped together using a recently completed project as an example. The example case was the development of a flexible UV cured coating/sealant development for food packaging*.

    *3 patents: US20110210163 | US20110211778 | EP2361761A1
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Members Reviews

A very good introduction into UV-curing for a new collaborator. And also some new points of view for experienced personnel.

Dieter Nees , from Joanneum Research

Very good course on both principle and practice

Jiang W. , from cabot

Excellent Online Course! It was technical enough and Mike Clingerman was highly knowledgable

Rodolfo R. , from Delphi

The course was excellent! It generally improves my comprehension of UV curing and formulating requirements.

Andrew S. , from Flint Group

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