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Optimizing Adhesion to Metal (inks, lacquers, structural adhesives...)

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Recorded on Nov 16, 2016

Get the clues to improve the adhesion of your inks, lacquers, struct. adhesives… on metal substrates by better characterizing surfaces with a smart combination of AES, SIMS, XPS…

Gary Critchlow will share his 25-year experience using surface analysis techniques to optimize bonding systems… It’s so much easier to solve an issue when you understand it !

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Dr. Gary Critchlow Presented By:
Dr. Gary Critchlow

Length: 90 min

Course Type: Formulation
Level: Advanced

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Why should you view this course?

If you want to optimize your inks, coatings, struct. adhesives for metal bonding & avoid wasting your time on “inefficient” solutions, you need to understand what’s happening at the surface level (presence of contaminants, surface stability, interfacial / interphasial chemistry...). Few companies have dedicated staff to work on surface characterization, and if like the majority, you rely on external labs, you’d better know what surface analysis to request & how to properly interpret data !

  1. Outsource your surface characterization tests confidently by knowing precisely the surface analysis techniques to choose to get the info you need
  2. Adjust faster your pre-treatments & formulations by detecting factors affecting adhesion (contaminants, surface stability, interfacial / interphasial chemistry...)
  3. Guide your developments with reliable data - Avoid wrong conclusions by understanding surface analysis subtleties with discussion on real cases solved by Gary Critchlow
Optimizing Adhesion to Metal (inks, lacquers, structural adhesives...)

Who should view this course?

R&D Technician or Scientists, Designers and Engineers willing to:
  • Be clear on surface analysis to order from independent laboratories
  • Properly use information obtained to guide their developments
  • Course Outline

    The following sections will be covered during this session:

    1. Adhesion & Importance of Surfaces
    2. Major Surface Analysis Methods: A condensed review of their benefits and limits
      – AES, SIMS, XPS
      – Other relevant techniques will also be discussed briefly
    3. Applications of Surface Analysis to Detect Factors Affecting Adhesion:
      – Identification of contaminants
      – Surface chemistry/structure before and after pretreatment
      – Stability of surfaces
      – Interfacial/interphasial chemistry
      – Identification of failure modes
    4. Adhesion to Metal Case studies
      Particular consideration will be given to the characterization of hexavalent chromium free treatments for aluminium alloys
    5. Future challenges

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    Members Reviews

    Excellent course! I now have a better understanding of the analytical tools that can be used to examine surfaces and did not know about the ACDC process previously.

    Jodie B. , from Mahle

    We expected more information and examples on adhesion testing. The focus has been more on equipment and data interpretation than on examples. However looking back it was the best approach. Compliments for this excellent presentation!

    Gerard G. , from PPG Coatings Europe BV

    This very good course gave better insight in complex items of surface analysis and their relation to adhesion performance.

    Jan G. , from Premium Sound Solutions

    It was interesting to see the benefits of different surface analysis techniques, and their limits to review our protocole.

    Peter H. , from API Holographics

    A lot of good information. Gary Critchlow was very knowledgeable.

    Paul M , from Flint Group

    Very good course - will help a lot to know what analytical services to request to evaluate problems, new coatings or new processes.

    Kevin C. , from GM Nameplate

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