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Natural Preservatives: Selection & Formulation Improvements

This is a Past Course

Recorded on Jul 1, 2014

Switch easily to natural preservatives by adopting an effective blend strategy depending on your targets: pH, application (rinse-off, leave-on…), cost…

Barbara Olioso will uncover how to determine the right natural preservatives combination (avoiding unwanted interactions, allowing organic certification…).

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Presented By:
Dr. Barbara Olioso

Length: 90 min

Course Type: Formulation
Level: Advanced

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Why should you view this course?

While moving away from parabens is a need, many formulators are still reluctant to switch to natural preservatives despite their interesting low skin irritancy profile… A pity when, with a little expert guidance, you can easily overcome the apparent challenge created by the wide & fast-growing offering, their narrow range of pH, their cost…

  1. Save time on your ingredient selection with a practical review of natural preservatives strength & weakness
  2. Achieve targeted shelf-life cost-effectively by being guided in the creation of smart preservative blends
  3. Comply easily with desired organic certification by reviewing which natural preservative is suitable to your system
Natural Preservatives: Selection & Formulation Improvements

Who should view this course?

Cosmetic formulators and cosmetic scientists who want to boost their efficiency by walking in an experienced formulator steps.

Course Outline

The following sections will be covered during this online course:

  1. Ideal preservative profile and challenges with natural preservatives

  2. Natural “Shades”: different degrees of natural preservatives

  3. Overview and profile of natural preservatives on the market

  4. Parameters affecting preservative efficacy

  5. Reaching shelf-life target in practice

  6.     • Selecting the right natural preservatives
        • Optimizing interactions within the system

  7. Developing cosmetics on budget with Natural Preservatives

  8. Formulation tips per application

  9.     • Emulsions
        • Rinse off / Shampoos
        • Oral applications / Toothpaste, mouthwash
        • Deodorants
        • SPF

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Members Reviews

I am rather beginner on the topic so this was a very good insight with some useful tips. Key ingredient profile and strategies were provided.

Christine D. , from DOW

Very good! It helped to get an overview of the available natural preservative alternatives.

Patrick W. , from Evonik Industries AG

Very good overview and introduction in current products, information on each product, tips for formulating, pros and cons

Jan G. , from Clariant

This was one of the most useful webinars I have ever attended. Barbara was able to give in useful recommendations and not just an industry overview of available materials. It was also extremely helpful to have the preservatives recommended by product type (emulsion, rinse-off, sun product etc)

Petra B. , from ISP Europe

Excellent! Fit the needs of where our company is going with the natural products.

Gregory S. , from Sensibility Soaps, Inc

Good summary of the options available with natural preservatives, and their benefits and restrictions.

Ian T. , from The Green People Co Ltd.

Natural formulations are tricky and Barbara gave very good recommendations.

Anne M. , from Herbal Attitudes

I've learnt a lot of tips for lab work. Great course!

Tova S. , from Mother's Choice

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