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Smart Functional Coatings: Innovations and Key Developments in 2022

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Recorded on Sep 27, 2022

Map new development opportunities for your functional coatings in today’s market by reviewing trends in Smart Coatings along with associated companies to watch and related regulations!

Arno Schut will share insights on the latest innovations and commercial applications (self-healing anti-corrosion, self-cleaning, anti-microbial ...) and technologies (vitrimers, capsules, nano-technology, sol-gel...) behind.

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Arno Schut Presented By:
Arno Schut

Length: 90 min

Course Type: Innovation
Level: Intermediate

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Why should you view this course?

Smart coatings is already a vibrant topic to have spawned dozens of R&D projects. And, the constantly emerging new materials & innovations are driving its demand to an unsurpassed level. These new materials, latest commercial launches, promising concepts, & innovations can be a game-changer for you as well, if you act quick. 

Join this course and:

  1. Capture fresh ideas by reviewing successful formulation strategies and gain insights into next concepts to be commercialized.

  2. Improve your competitiveness with exotic materials (carbon nanotubes, nano-clays, microcapsules...) that lend "smart" properties to coatings.

  3. Save time mapping smart / functional coatings opportunities with the latest updates by the expert covering both technology & applications (incl. reusable packaging seals).

  4. Don't fall behind by following the active companies to watch and getting overview of related regulations.
Smart Coatings: Update on Current & Future Opportunities

Who should view this course?

Formulators, Applicators, Technology Scouts, R&D, and Technical Managers of the coatings industry

Course Outline

The following sections will be covered during this session:

  1. Introduction
    • What are Smart Coatings or Functional Coatings
  2. Market Data
    • Smart Coatings Applications
    • Smart Coatings Types
  3. Examples and applications of different Smart Coatings
    • Self Cleaning
    • Self Healing
    • Easy to Clean
    • Anti-corrosive
  4. Technology behind Smart Coatings
    • Nano-technology
    • Sol-gel Technology
    • Vitrimers
    • Capsules
    • Graphene
    • Carbon Nanotubes
    • Others
  5. Active Companies to watch
    • Overview of interesting Smart Coating Companies, Technology Providers
  6. Brief Overview of Regulations
  7. 30 mins Q&A - Ask any questions from the experts directly!

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Members Reviews

Relevant information about smart coatings which was well explained.

Allen , from HKW

An excellent balance of highly technical yet easy to follow.

Tammy Madison , from Chem Link

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