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Emulsifiers & Surfactant Selection for Stable Cosmetics

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Recorded on Feb 8, 2022

Avoid instability issues in your cosmetic emulsions (o/w, w/o, blends…) by learning about the various stabilization mechanisms, formulation methodologies, evaluation techniques & tests to cater the current market needs!

Mark Chandler will help you become autonomous in formulating stable cleansers, leave-on skin care products, shampoos, hand wash, etc., by sharing detailed insights on classes of emulsifiers & surfactant, their selection & formulation.

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Mark Chandler Presented By:
Mark Chandler

Length: 90 min

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Why should you view this course?

Emulsifiers and surfactants play a significant role in formulating stable cosmetic products (synthetic, natural, sensory…). But, is it easy to attain desired stability with the ingredients (o/w, w/o, blends…) that aren’t compatible? Fortunately, there is a clearly defined structure that can help you get started. Join this course and:

  1. Select faster the right surfactant / emulsifier depending on your application (cleanser or leave-on skin care products) by reviewing their functions and chemistries.

  2. Manage product stability better by learning about the various stabilization mechanisms (steric, charge, pickering, polymeric…) formulation methodologies, evaluation techniques (HLB) and tests.

  3. Get expert insights on various instability challenges (droplet coalescence, flocculation, creaming, sedimentation), especially when trying to formulate more natural or sensory products.

Surfactants selection cosmetic formulations

Who should view this course?

Cosmetic formulators looking for guidance to select the right emulsifier for their leave-on skin care products and surfactant for cleansers must attend this course.

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Course Outline

Selection of EMULSIFIERS for leave-on skin care products, shampoo, hand wash…

  1. Emulsifier types (oil/water, water/oil, blends, cold process emulsifiers…) – their benefits and limitations
  2. Stabilization mechanisms
    • Charge stabilization
    • Steric stabilization
    • Liquid crystalline stabilization (Lipophilic gel network)
    • Zero-shear viscosity stabilization (polymeric)
  3. Instability issues (coalescence, flocculation, creaming, sedimentation) & how to overcome them
  4. Formulation methodologies
  5. Emulsion manufacturing

Selection of SURFACTANTS for cleansers

  1. Surfactant types – their benefits and limitations
    • Anionic
    • Amphoteric
    • Non-ionic
    • Cationic
  2. Surfactant interactions
  3. Consumer cues (sensorially...) and current issues
  4. Formulation best practices
  5. Evaluation and testing
  6. 30 mins Q&A- Interact live/ ask questions directly from the expert !
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Members Reviews

The depth and breadth of the technical information was perfect for all levels of cosmetic scientists. We learned more details on emulsifier and surfactant systems than was previously known

Cassandra B. , from KDC Columbus

I learned how to process liquid cyrstal emulsions; I was not doing it properly, or as Mark suggested. Well rounded exposure with good presentation.

John C. , from Consultant- Personal Care

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