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Creep Failure: Prediction and Prevention Strategies

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Recorded on Jun 16, 2015

Solve 20% of your plastics failures by easily detecting creep origin and prioritizing your solving efforts right from the start. 

Jeffrey Jansen will help you understand how creep failure can slowly affect your plastics parts & how you can best use test methods, prediction techniques to your own projects (using real life cases) for more robust plastic parts that survive longer in service.

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Jeffrey A. Jansen Presented By:
Jeffrey A. Jansen

Length: 90 min

Course Type: Methodology
Level: Intermediate

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Why should you view this course?

20% of plastics failures occur due to creep. Suprisingly, the effect of time & temperature on plastic parts is missing in most failure analysis studies & that's the only way to detect creep rupture. Without noticing the origin of creep in plastics parts, people may not be able to relate their part failure to creep and end up focusing their solving efforts on the wrong factor ...

1. Save time & efforts to solve creep failure by extracting relevant info (useful life time, creep properties, thermal stability...) from your test results

2. Wisely optimize your plastics part-design by understanding the effect of different factors influencing creep rupture (plastic type/formation, stress type & magnitude, temperature, design features….)

3. Extend lifetime of your plastics products in a service application with real-life case studies on creep failure prediction & prevention strategies

Who should view this course?

Manufacturers of plastic parts, materials engineers, plastic part designers, quality engineers or anyone selecting or specifying plastic materials for an application

Course Outline

The following sections will be covered in the course:

  1. Viscoelasticity- Fundamental Behavior of Plastics

  2. Introduction to Creep Rupture
    • Creep Failure Mechanism

  3. Generalizations of Creep
    • Factors that affect the creep performance of plastic materials
    • Identify creep when you see it!

  4. Creep Testing
    • Analytical techniques used to understand the creep performance of a plastic
    • Assess the useful lifetime of a plastic material in a service application

  5. Prevention Strategies

  6. Real life Case Studies involving failures due to creep and setting up effective prevention measures

  7. Conclusions

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