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Worlée at in-cosmetics Global: to Complement its WorléeAqua Thix Thickening Range

Published on 2017-03-24. Author : SpecialChem

Worlée has supplemented its WorléeAqua Thix series with another product: WorléeAqua Thix 200, which is a rheology modifier and thickening agent for formulations with low pH. It will be presented at in-cosmetics Global for the first time.

Worlée to Complement its WorléeAqua Thix Thickening Range
Worlée to Complement its WorléeAqua Thix Thickening Range

WorléeAqua Thix Range

  • WorléeAqua Thix 200 also offers the possibility clear, transparent formulations with a yield point to produce at a pH-value < 6.
  • WorléeAqua Nail 200 is a nail polish base with very fast curing and a little more flexibility than WorléeAqua Nail 100.
  • WorléeAqua Thix 200 is suitable for use in high oil content formulations, for example, in washing creams, liquid soaps or shower creams.

WorléeAqua Nail 200 is part of a product family of ready-to-use aqueous acrylic polymer emulsion for the formulation of durable water-based nail polishes, but by adding further ingredients the properties of a formulation containing WorléeAqua Nail can change in many ways.

Showcasing Products at in-cosmetics

The products of the entire WorléeAqua Thix series vary in yield strength and thixotropy depending upon the formulation.

Thus WorléeAqua Thix series is perfect complement to formulations with WorléeBeads (wax peeling particles), WorléeSoft Beads (drug carriers) or the aqueous pigment pastes WorléeBase.

But the focus will not be only on the newly launched products, in addition to the new developments of the product families, WorléeAqua Nail, WorléeSoft beads and Worlée-micromer C80 / 50, will also be showcased.

About Worlée

For over 160 years Worlée supplying its customers with raw materials from Germany and abroad. The family is a commodity producer and service provider with three pillars: Dry Raw materials, natural resources and Cosmetic Ingredients. The combination of a high quality standard, technical expertise and a feeling for trends and market developments makes Worlée a trusted partner - in all three divisions.

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Source: Worlée
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