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WACKER at in-cosmetics Global: Unveils Silicone Fluid Emulsions for Mild Shampoos

Published on 2017-04-05. Author : SpecialChem

WACKER is showcasing several novel products for the cosmetics industry at in-cosmetics 2017. The focus is on the silicone fluid emulsion BELSIL® DM 5700 E. It enables the manufacture of particularly mild shampoos, promotes foam formation, and has a noticeable conditioning effect even in low quantities.

Skin Care & Hair Care Silicone Emulsions
Skin Care & Hair Care Silicone Emulsions

Skin Care & Hair Care Silicone Emulsions

  • Another new product is the silicone elastomer gel BELSIL® EG 6000, which was designed for use in skin care and decorative cosmetics. This gel leaves skin feeling extremely soft and silky smooth. 
  • The amino silicone microemulsion BELSIL® ADM 8105 E will also be unveiled to a wide audience of professionals. It makes hair noticeably silkier and easier to comb.
  • The new phenyl silicone fluid BELSIL® PF 22 expands WACKER's portfolio of silicone fluids to include a traditional gloss agent. 

BELSIL® DM 5700 E for Hair Care

BELSIL® DM 5700 E, the finely dispersed emulsion of a silicone fluid in water, is one of the highlights that WACKER has presented at in-cosmetics. This low-viscosity, milky-white liquid can be used to formulate shampoos that both clean and condition hair.

Unlike conventional silicone emulsions, BELSIL® DM 5700 E contains an emulsifying system that consists of an alkyl polyglucoside and sorbitan laurate. These nonionic surfactants are based on renewable raw materials and make the new emulsion extraordinarily mild and gentle on the skin. Consequently, BELSIL® DM 5700 E is suitable for use in sulfate-free shampoos.
Amino Silicone Microemulsion for Shampoos and Conditioners
Amino Silicone Microemulsion for Shampoos and Conditioners

The new silicone emulsion also has a positive effect on foaming: a shampoo formulated with BELSIL® DM 5700 E generates a fine-pored foam that is pleasant to the touch, and so meets consumers’ requirements.

During shampooing, the miniscule droplets of silicone fluid in the new emulsion, which are just 300 nanometers in size, are deposited selectively on the hair fibers. In this way BELSIL® DM 5700 E achieves a more effective silicone deposition than less finely dispersed silicone emulsions and consequently offers greater efficacy. BELSIL® DM 5700 E makes the hair smooth, supple and easier to comb, while also leaving it feeling pleasantly soft.

BELSIL® EG 6000 – Silicone Elastomer Gel for Silky-Smooth Skin

WACKER has also presented the silicone elastomer gel BELSIL® EG 6000. Used as an active agent in decorative and moisturizing cosmetics, the product leaves skin feeling extremely pleasant, something that cannot be achieved in this form with conventional silicone elastomer gels. The gel also ensures that the preparations spread evenly on the skin. The participants in the panel tests, which were performed in WACKER's applications lab described the novel skin feel as supple, mild, non-greasy, silky, and dry.

BELSIL® EG 6000 is based on a traditional addition-curing silicone elastomer and contains a linear volatile silicone fluid as its liquid component. This is where the new product differs from conventional silicone elastomer gels, which use either a cyclic or a non-volatile silicone fluid as the liquid base. BELSIL® EG 6000 can significantly improve the skin-sensory and rheological properties of moisturizing creams, mascaras and deodorants.

BELSIL® ADM 8105 E – Amino Silicone Microemulsion for Shampoos and Conditioners

The amino silicone microemulsion BELSIL® ADM 8105 E, which expands the Munich-based chemical Group’s portfolio of silicone emulsions, will also be presented to a wider specialist audience for the first time. BELSIL® ADM 8105 E is characterized by its excellent conditioning properties. Hair treated with this product is silky and easy to comb. Typical applications are conditioners, hair masks, and shampoos. The new microemulsion can also be used in transparent shampoo formulations.
BELSIL® PF 22 – A Traditional Gloss Agent
BELSIL® PF 22 – A Traditional Gloss Agent

BELSIL® PF 22 – A Traditional Gloss Agent

Similarly showcased for the first time at this year's in-cosmetics is the product BELSIL® PF 22, with which the Munich-based chemical group is expanding its silicone fluid product range to include a traditional phenyl silicone fluid. This colorless, low-viscosity fluid has a refractive index of 1.46, greater than that of polydimethylsiloxanes. Therefore, BELSIL® PF 22 can act as a gloss agent for various cosmetic formulations.

Preparations formulated with BELSIL® PF 22 give a high-quality impression both visually and to the touch, can be spread easily and do not feel so tacky. When applied, the phenyl silicone fluid forms a thin fluid film, which not only improves gloss, but also makes the hair or skin soft and supple while at the same time developing water repellency without affecting skin breathing. The phenyl silicone fluid thereby reduces, for example, the tackiness of sunscreen formulations while increasing their water resistance.


WACKER is a globally active chemical group headquartered in Munich, Germany. With a wide range of state-of-the-art specialty products, WACKER is one of the leaders in numerous fields and industries. Its products are required in countless high-growth end-user sectors, such as photovoltaics, electronics, pharmaceuticals and household/personal-care products. In 2015, the Group generated sales of some €5.3 billion with a staff of 17,000 employees. Founded in 1914, WACKER operates 25 production sites, supplying over 3,200 products to more than 3,500 customers worldwide. The Group maintains subsidiaries and sales offices in 31 countries across Europe, the Americas and Asia – including a strong foothold in China.

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Source: WACKER
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