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Univar at Suppliers' Day 2014: Presents New Formulations for Hair & Skin Care

Published on 2014-05-14. Author : SpecialChem

REDMOND, Wash. --Univar released eight new formulations to help consumers achieve healthy hair and skin. The innovative prototypes – which have been designed to incorporate new, natural ingredients and meet the latest consumer trends – are on display at Univar's booth #501 at the New York Society of Cosmetic Chemists (NYSCC) Suppliers' Day.

Formulated with moisturizing, non-irritating ingredients, the prototypes have been created to address consumer demand for naturally-derived ingredients and 'free-from' products, while providing holistic solutions for common personal care concerns, such as dry skin, acne and brittle hair. Through collaboration between Univar's technical experts and partner suppliers, the new formulations are also designed to preserve the smooth texture of traditional personal care products.

"These formulations embrace natural ingredients in a new way to address consumer desire for healthier hair and skin," said Kelly Gilroy, Univar's new personal care industry director. "For several of these formulations, we were able to remove sulfates and incorporate ingredients that naturally offer clinically proven results, creating excellent sensory without oily residue or build up. The trick we're always working on is to find a way to achieve all of these characteristics, while reducing cost for manufacturers and, ultimately, the end-consumer."

Univar's new prototypes for healthy skin and hair on display at NYSCC Suppliers' Day are yet another example of the innovative offerings that challenge the traditional chemical distribution model. As a global distributor, Univar sees the trends impacting the industry around the world and, rather than simply offering logistics, partners with personal care manufacturers and suppliers to identify the best specialty and commodity ingredients to meet industry trends and customer demands. This helps manufacturers get to market faster with winning formulations that exceed demand and offer more to consumers.

Univar's newly-released prototype solutions include a variety of makeup and personal care products such as lotions, acne-treatment facial wash, primer, shampoo, and leave-on conditioner. On-trend, vibrant colored lip-glosses are also provided with unique formulation for improved transfer resistance. The new prototype solutions, which will be available at Univar's booth #501 at NYSCC Suppliers' Day, include:

Masquerade Lotion

A lotion that reduces fine lines and leaves skin feeling powdery soft without oily residue or build up.

  1. Keltrol® CG SFT -Novel form of xanthan gum providing transparency and reduced stringiness in finished formulations.
  2. Dow Corning® EP 9801 Hydro Cosmetic Powder - A unique elastomer powder that goes into the water phase and provides the "soft focus" consumers desire immediately.
  3. Xiameter® PMX-0245 Cyclopentasiloxane - Ideal carrier to impart soft silky feel to the skin without oily residue or build up.

Hydrating Gel Cream

A cream designed specifically for dry skin with unique sensory and clinically proven moisturizing effects.

  1. Purasal® NH/COS - Designed for very dry skin with clinical data to support reduced visual and sensory for skin dryness.
  2. Aquamax® HM - Clinically supported moisturizing ingredient with excellent sensory.
  3. Dow Corning® RM 2051 Thickening Agent - Effectively thicken and emulsify with one ingredient; can be used in cold processing.

Xzit Out Facial Wash

A non-irritating clear acne wash that is naturally thickened and sulphate-free. This face wash uses formulations that increase the penetration of actives into the skin, leaving skin feeling cleaner and healthier.

  1. CP Kelco Keltrol® CG-SFT & Kelcogel CG-LA - Optimal combination of natural thickening and suspending, even at low pH.
  2. Novacyl Salicyclic Acid USP BR - Very mild and effective, high quality USP grade salicylic acid.
  3. Grant Industries Gransolv® DMI - Non-irritating, sugar based polar solvent that increases the penetration of actives into the skin.

QU Primer

A clear serum that uses a Dow Corning Blend to reduce tackiness and optimize the feel of your skin.

  1. Dow Corning® 9045 Silicone Elastomer Blend - Easy to formulate elastomer that reduces tackiness and imparts excellent sensory.
  2. Xiameter® PMX-0245 Cyclopentasiloxane - Reduce total cost of formulation, manage viscosity and optimize skin feel.

Hint of Grape Lip Gloss

Using formulations with clarity, thermal, and UV stability, this non-tacky gloss leaves lips looking wet yet provides an improved transfer resistance.

  1. Calumet Versagel® ME 2000 - Gelled emollient with extraordinary clarity, thermal, and UV stability.
  2. Dow Corning® PH 1560 Glossy Fluid - Brightens and illuminates lips, with wet look and improved transfer resistance.
  3. Sunchemical® Intenza™ Zinzolin - Intense color with pearlescent effect.

Red Hot Lip Gloss

Uses a new Dow Corning glossy fluid to brighten and illuminate lips with intense color and lasting shine.

  1. Calumet Versagel® ME 2000 - Gelled emollient with extraordinary clarity, thermal and UV stability.
  2. Dow Corning® PH 1560 Glossy Fluid - Brightens and illuminates lips, with wet look and improved transfer resistance.
  3. Sunchemical® Intenza™ Red Hot - Intense color with pearlescent effect.

Curl-in Conditioner

Easy to use, leave-on conditioner that requires no heat. Dow Corning's Smart Style formula provides curl retention, memory and definition in addition to smoothness. This conditioner is the perfect balance of frizz control and curl retention.

  1. Dow Corning® CE 7080 Smart Style - Multi-functional ingredient that provides curl retention, memory, and definition in addition to dry combing and smoothness with minimal residue feel on hair.
  2. Xiameter® MEM-0949 Emulsion - Easy to use conditioning agent that requires no heat.
  3. Dow Corning® EL 7040 Hydro Elastomer Blend - Unique hair and skin sensory to enhance performance perception.

Free-of Shampoo

Sulfate-free shampoo that delivers shine, damage repair and color protection while also building volume and providing light conditioning.

  1. Dow Corning® CE 1874 Microemulsion - A clear and water-dispersible conditioning agent that delivers shine, damage repair, and color protection with feather-light sensory.
  2. Purac Pursal® Mild - Naturally derived and ECOCERT-approved Sodium Lactate and Sodium Gluconate to enhance the mildness of surfactant based formulas.
  3. Stepan Alpha-Step® PC 48 - Sulfate-free surfactant with high foam and mildness benefits.

About Univar

Univar is one of the world's leading distributors of industrial and specialty chemicals. Univar represents over 3,500 chemical producers and provides its customer base, made up of 115,000 customers, with a full portfolio of products. Univar operates a network of more than 260 distribution facilities throughout North America, Europe, the Asia-Pacific region, and Latin America, with additional sales offices located in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. In 2012, Univar reported sales of $9.7 billion.

Source: Univar

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