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Ultra Showcases Natural UVA/UVB Booster at Sunscreen Symposium 2021

Published on 2021-09-23. Edited By : SpecialChem

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Ultra Sunscreen Symposium 2021At the 2021 Sunscreen Symposium, Ultra highlights its portfolio of technologies that allow formulators to deliver sun care without compromise. The company addresses the essentials of sun care, such as reaching your targeted SPF numbers and solutions for aesthetically pleasing water-resistant sunscreens.

Meet UVA Global Requirements

There is a lot of excitement around highlighting the newest product in our sun care portfolio, Assure+, a natural UVA and UVB booster from our Zinc Oxide partner, EverCare,” stated Jim Lynch, senior VP, Global Sales. “The Sunscreen Symposium is also a great opportunity for Ultra to highlight the added value we offer in sun care, such as troubleshooting, regulatory and testing support as well as strategies and brainstorming to help our customers meet their SPF targets."

Some of the key products featured at the 2021 Sunscreen Symposium are as follows:

  • Assure+: A natural UVA and UVB booster that when used in mineral only or hybrid sunscreen formulations, significantly increases SPF and UVA-PF values. Use of Assure+ maintains UVA-PF to SPF ratios and critical wavelengths to help meet UVA global requirements
  • Zano® range: Three base products each tailored to deliver distinct UVA and transparency levels. Products are available as coated and uncoated powders and as Xperse® dispersions, some in combination with TiO2
  • CosmoSurf®: Film-forming polymers that provide up to 80 minutes of water-resistance in emulsions and (alcohol-based) spray products and offer pigment dispersion as well as avoid ‘white-out’ upon application onto wet skin

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Source: Ultra

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