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Ultra Highlights Natural UVA/UVB Booster & Bioactives at NYSCC Supplier’s Day

Published on 2021-11-12. Edited By : SpecialChem

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Ultra Bioactives NYSCC Suppliers DayAt NYSCC Supplier’s Day, Ultra highlights their portfolio of technologies which include actives & biofunctionals, film forming polymers and specialty naturals.

Showcasing Latest Industry Trends

We are excited this show is taking place and to have the opportunity to see friends and customers within the industry under one roof again,” said Laura Szymczak, senior director, marketing. “The technologies we will be highlighting are all extremely relevant to current trends and demands of the industry.”

Some of the key bioactives Ultra will feature at NYSCC Supplier’s Day:

  • Assure+: A natural UVA and UVB booster that when used in mineral only or hybrid sunscreen formulations, significantly increases SPF and UVA-PF values. Use of Assure+ maintains UVA-PF to SPF ratios and critical wavelengths to help meet UVA global requirements
  • Bicoalgae® ω3 (Omega-3): A natural origin delivery system with targeted delivery of two microalgae extracts rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. It is clinically proven for barrier function, melanin reduction, and other disorders related to chronically inflamed skin
  • preBIULIN AGA: A natural prebiotic proven to help rebalance the skin’s microbiota and has been seen to offer skin hydration that outperforms hyaluronic acid. It also has a benefit of counteracting the damage that can happen to skin due to preservatives
  • K3 Vita-C: A highly stable water-soluble Vitamin C derivative effective in collagen synthesis at very low usage levels and causes no discoloration of formulations. It outperforms other Vitamin C derivatives in stability and residual activity upon formulation into finished products

Jim Lynch, senior VP, Global Sales added “We are happy to announce that our Zinc Oxide partner, EverCare, has expanded their product line, now offering Assure +, a natural UVA and UVB booster sure to aid formulators in their pursuit of higher SPF with balanced UVA protection. We will also be showcasing a clinically proven algae-based bioactive with targeted delivery of microalgae extracts rich in Omega-3 fatty acids.”

Supplier’s Day will also be an opportunity for Ultra to showcase new formulations highlighting the versatile range of raw materials they offer from suppliers, such as EverCare, Jojoba Desert, Gobiotics, SurfaTech and Bicosome.

Source: Ultra

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