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Symrise’s Probiotic-based Ingredient Promotes Healthy Scalp Microbiome

Published on 2021-04-16. Author : SpecialChem

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Symrise_New_Efficacy_Data Symrise announces positive new research into their SymReboot™ L19 ingredient as an effective solution for sensitive and dry scalp conditions. Manufacturers of hair care can use it in a wide range of products including shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, hair lotions and pre-shampoos.

Improves Scalp Conditions

When the scalp barrier weakens, dry dandruff can occur as levels of sebum and lipids get impaired and water loss increases. Symptoms include a dehydrated scalp with itching and redness, and small flakes that fall onto shoulders. The resulting dandruff scalp microbiome characteristically shows a higher amount of Staphylococcus and a reduced amount of Cutibacterium compared to normal scalp.

SymReboot™ L19 improves dry scalp condition and promotes a healthy scalp microbiome. After washing every second day for 14 days, users of a shampoo containing SymReboot™ L19 reported significant and visible decreases in flakes and scalp itching, along with significant improvements in scalp condition and its visual effects.

After 28 days, SymReboot™ L19 shampoo was found to support a favorable shift in the balance of the scalp microbiome by maintaining the level of Staphylococcus and increasing the level of Cutibacterium, while the opposite was found for the placebo shampoo.

SymReboot™ L19 Soothes the Scalp

Symrise has tested and substantiated these benefits in extensive testing, with latest data based on an in vivo study in which volunteers suffering from dry, sensitive, itchy and flaky scalp used a shampoo containing 0.5 percent SymReboot™ L19 or a placebo.

The skin cells recognize the cell wall or metabolites of the mildly heat-treated microorganisms, thus activating the scalp’s natural defense mechanisms and thereby soothing the scalp and fortifying its barrier. This makes SymReboot™ L19 the solution to support dry, flaky scalp recovery”, said Léa Schmidt, global product manager actives at Symrise.

Combats Sensitive Scalp & Dry Dandruff Issues

Symrise researchers have succeeded in maintaining the bacterial structure throughout the manufacturing process and thus preserving important probiotic benefits. It takes full effect also in cosmetic products that contain ingredients to protect the product.

SymReboot™ L19 has wide-ranging implications. Its proven efficacy helps manufacturers to create products that give consumers enhanced power to combat their sensitive scalp and dry dandruff issues at a molecular level and target these issues at their source - scalp barrier function and microbiome”, explained Schmidt.

Symrise works closely with leading probiotic company Probi to optimize complementary expertise and bring innovations like SymReboot ™ L19 to the market by building on two axes of research - the development of solutions for sensitive skin and the use of probiotics or probiotics-based ingredients for food, nutritional supplements and cosmetics.

At Symrise, we combine the expertise of Probi with our competence in sensitive skin and its needs. Our processed probiotic SymReboot™ L19 strengthens the barrier function and soothes sensitive skin and scalp via original probiotic pathways,” said Dr. Margaret Kujawa-Autié, global category director actives at Symrise.

Source: Symrise
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