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Sprout World Launches Sustainable & Plantable Makeup Liner

Published on 2021-11-26. Edited By : SpecialChem

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Sprout linerSprout World launches plantable pencil which is now aiming to make people as beautiful as the earth with the plantable makeup liner. The company has created Sprout Liner, an eye or brow liner that grows into wildflowers after its too small to use. The goal is to inspire more sustainable actions in our everyday life.

Planted After Use & Grown into Wildflowers

The development of a plantable makeup pencil has been underway for many years at Sprout, which has a global patent for "writing tools you can plant". The company has long wanted to leverage the patent, so it reached beyond the popular plantable Sprout pencil, which grows into herbs, vegetables, flowers and trees.

The Sprout Liners are available in both eye and brow and are sold in single or double packs in both brown and black. These are the only liners in the world with a capsule at the end with seeds so it can be planted after use and grown into wildflowers. The patented liner is AC-tested (allergy-friendly), with a natural formula, free of microplastics, and is added with natural oils that are good for the skin. Additionally, it gives something positive back to nature and strengthens the idea of giving a product a ‘second life’.

As a company, Sprout World is made up of 80% female employees. It was during a creative workshop that the idea of a plantable makeup pencil arose, with the majority saying that they used makeup pencils daily, eyeliner being the most popular,” said Michael Stausholm, founder and CEO of Sprout. “It created an instant buzz of excitement and it was this tangible ‘buzz’ that led to the conclusion that the only appropriate plant the new makeup pencil could sprout into were wildflowers that were good for bees.”

Source: Sprout World

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