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Solabia at in-cosmetics Global: Highlighted its Sustainable Multifunctional Skin Care Solutions

Published on 2017-04-11. Author : SpecialChem

Solabia Group has proposed four highlights at in-cosmetics Global 2017:

Anti-pollution & Detox
Anti-pollution & Detox

  • Anti-Pollution & Detox Solutions
  • Anti-Aging & Lightening Solutions
  • New Sourcing: Ouessant Island, Jewel of the Iroise Sea
  • Solapearls® Active Color® 

Anti-pollution & Detox - 3 Active Ingredients

Protecting skin against pollution and minimizing the resulting damage requires giving the skin a detox treatment to purify it of the toxins that build up in our organism every day.

In addition to its products which help to strengthen the cutaneous barrier, thus reducing pollutant penetration, the Solabia Group owns three major active ingredients with complementary actions.

POLLUSTOP® – Investigation with Tests

Already having demonstrated the role of POLLUSTOP® (Glycofilm®) as an anti-pollution shield acting on UV and chemical stress and limiting the impact of fine particles on skin cells and the penetration of heavy metals into the skin in city life situations, Solabia has broadened its field of investigation with additional tests:

On the one hand on the skin, in order to assess on a panel of Chinese consumers the perception of the presence of a shield, and on the other hand through studying the effect of its high molecular weight matrix polymer on protecting hair from the incrustation of fine particles.

These fine particles cause irritation to the scalp and also dry out and weaken delipidated hair due to numerous oxidation reactions. For this, two experimental ex vivo models (tests on hair fibers) were chosen:

  • The first, preventive, by applying the shielding active ingredient in a mist compared to the placebo
  • The second, curative, by formulating the active ingredient in a shampoo compared to the placebo

Confronting pollution by offering the skin an anti-pollution protective shield does not exclude the use of an additional biological process, that of AhR, aryl-hydrocarbon receptors of which polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.

Iroise Sea Treasures

The Solabia Group, via its acquisition of the company Algues & Mer in November 2016, has proposed the active ingredient INVINCITY®, AhR inhibitor with the overall purpose of fighting polluaging®, at the heart of the unique and natural eco-system of Ouessant, an island in the Iroise Sea.

  • The anti-Polluaging® action of INVINCITY® is characterized via the reduction of the formation of skin redness and of the synthesis of melanins on dark spots, whose formation mechanism related to pollution is now perfectly understood. 
  • Its proven ex vivo and in vitro action on improving the dermo-epidermal structure gives skin better cellular support, strengthens its barrier function (significant reduction of TEWL) and improves firmness. 

INVINCITY® is a concentrated active ingredient of sulphated fucoidans of high molecular weight (higher than 100 kDa) with polysaccharide design rich in fucose, xylose and glucuronic acid, obtained from organic-certified brown alga, Ascophyllum nodosum, also called The Sea Rockweed.


Iroise Sea Treasures
Iroise Sea Treasures

DETOXI-LOOK®, as its name suggests, is the active solution developed by the Solabia Group researchers to offer skin a detox treatment to efficiently and quickly cleanse it of accumulated pollutants which suffocate it, thus resulting in radiant-looking skin, "happy skin for a happy look"!

The three main objectives of DETOXI-LOOK® to fight against pollution and its irremediable consequences on radiance are:

  • Detoxify
  • Illuminate 
  • Moisturize

DETOXI-LOOK is a plant complex obtained by cold co-pressing of two “light” flowers, radiating beauty, the EVERLASTING (Helichrysum italicum) or "the Gold Sun" and the DAISY (Bellis perennis), literally meaning "beautiful for ever", stabilized by vegetable glycerin and composed of polyphenols and saponins.

DETOXI-LOOK® re-boosts the skin's detoxification system by stimulating the synthesis of phase 1 enzymes (Cytochrome P450) and Phase 2 enzymes (UDP-Glucuronyltransferase)

It contributes to brightening the complexion thanks to its lightening action (reduction of melanin synthesis) and its ability to regulate the skin micro-circulation (stimulation of endothelin 1, natural vasoconstrictor to reduce skin redness), while moisturizing the skin and refreshing the complexion, because well-hydrated skin is smoother and reflects light better.

These benefits were observed by a panel of 50 volunteers, highly exposed to pollutants (intensive smokers) with significant perception of a brighter, fresher and more even complexion, skin less sensitive to sensations of discomfort and with smoother features.

Anti-age & Lightening

Known for its protective properties against glycation, but also for its de-glycation activity, D-GLYCARGINE® (L-Arginine PCA) was recently assessed for its ability to minimize the yellow constituent of skin, as glycation is accompanied with yellowing and a loss of skin evenness.

For this, a first ex vivo test on explants was carried out to demonstrate the preventive and curative efficacy of D-GLYCARGINE®. On the other hand, an in vivo spectrocolorimetry test (measurement of the reduction of parameter b, characterizing the yellow color) combined with a clinical evaluation by scoring on the color of dark spots was conducted on 20 women with many dark spots on the face, after application of a cream containing 2% D-GLYCARGINE® compared with a placebo.

  • Result of the colorimetry measurement: A reduction of 7% (p<0.05) of parameter b was demonstrated with the cream with 2% D-GLYCARGINE compared to the placebo;
  • D-Glycargine formulated at 2% reduces the color intensity of dark spots by 20% (p<0.01).

These two results allow us to conclude that D-GLYCARGINE® is an active ingredient combining a dual anti-aging and lightening action and significantly contributes to making the complexion even through a “de-yellowing effect”.

It is useless to present the benefits of green tea on the skin's health and beauty. The Solabia Group, looking for cross-sector trends between the Food industry and the Cosmetics industry, has developed a line of four aspirational plant extracts based on Matcha Tea, the green gold from Japan, known for having the highest anti-oxidant potential of all teas and whose fine and shimmering green powder is appealing to the eye too.

Surfing the "Healthy food" wave, like super fruits, these super leaves abound in the "Healthy Skin/Healthy Care" trend, which has become a driver of the Cosmetic industry.

Between Nature & Technology


  • The Solabia Group intends to explore the inestimable potential of this ocean island, sheltered from all pollution and classified as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 1988. Considered as a real economic and social driver, Solabia is the only company authorized to harvest and grow the algae on this island, which are all organically certified.
  • Iroise sea is a serum of life for the many algae that live and grow there, including the famous Neptune Harpoon, of which Solabia has developed a purifying and detoxifying extract.

From the plants collected all year round by two authorized people trained in good harvesting practices, Solabia recently developed extracts of Sea Rockweed, the anti-aging ingredient of the Iroise Sea, Spiral of the Sea for its anti-stress properties and Serrated Fucus, known for its high tannin content and described as a cell protector.

These water-glycerin extracts of algae, in compliance with COSMOS, are excellent vectors for storytelling and complementary active ingredients according to their claims. The Group adds into its product portfolio the algae’s life serum, "the Iroise Sea water": a veritable oligo-mineral source to formulate with or without the algae which receive its benefits every day in their natural habitat.


For Solabia, the development of its macro-encapsulation activity has become a major challenge in view of the many success stories it has had in both its standard offer, the SOLAPEARLS®, and in its customized offer, the CRAZYSPHERES®. With a brand new manufacturing workshop, the Group is expanding its offer with the proposal of a semi-customized offer, "ACTIVE COLOR®" which consists in directly coloring the pearl and not the gel, based on a palette of 10 colors. In addition there is also the possibility of choosing the appearance of the SOLAPEARL® via the design of a transparent, a matt or a pearlescent pearl, in color.

This offer concerns ACTIVE COLOR®, the anti-pollution pearls or SOLASHIELD® and the anti-ageing, beautiful skin or SOLALIFT®.

Thanks to "ACTIVE COLOR®", Solabia has taken inspiration from chromotherapy research having demonstrated that skin has photoreceptors which allow it to "see" light and therefore colors. It has already been accepted that some colors have an impact on improving skin quality, without mentioning their power to reveal and liberate emotions, like a texture that transports us to a sensory universe.

Color is not the only vector of emotion and Solabia recently demonstrated on a panel of 22 volunteers, for the first time, the incidence of the "Pearl" shape on generating emotions measured neuro-scientifically.

This methodology by Emospin Laboratories involves analyzing the vocal, semantic and gestural expression of volunteers upon discovering the formulated product in its packaging (either a gel+pearls formulation or a "Placebo" gel formulation) and upon application on the skin. To conclude this study, it appears statistically significant that the shape of SOLAPEARLS® releases stronger and more intense positive emotional dynamics compared to the placebo.

About Solabia Group

Present in the cosmetics, pharmacy, nutrition, biotechnology and microbiological diagnosis sectors, the Solabia Group, with its six production units, has complementary expertise that enables it to offer an extensive range of active principles and ingredients used throughout the world by the cosmetics, pharmaceutical and food industries. In three decades, Solabia has become an international group, the result of perfectly controlled internal and external growth.

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Source: Solabia
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