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SILAB’s New Anti-aging Active Composed of Natural Biopeptides

Published on 2021-09-03. Edited By : SpecialChem

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Silab new PEPTILIUMSILAB introduces PEPTILIUM®, an anti-aging active ingredient rich in natural biopeptides purified to 95%, combining high efficacy, transversality and safety. Peptides are valuable allies in anti-aging cosmetics. Whether of natural or synthetic origin, they are recognized for their efficacy.

Boosts Complexion Radiance

PEPTILIUM® is obtained from the co-product of a superfruit, the cranberry, from a traceable and responsible supply chain that respects the practices of sustainable development.

The new anti-aging active ingredient relies on the richness and diversity of its natural biopeptides to offer a transversal anti-aging performance. It thus targets the three compartments of the skin:

  • By reinforcing the epidermal barrier function and by boosting complexion radiance
  • By improving the quality of the dermal-epidermal junction and of the dermal matrix for an anti-wrinkle action

Tested in Caucasian and Asian panels, and in comparison to retinol, the efficacy of PEPTILIUM® is more intense and more rapid, while having no side effects.

Effective and sustainable, PEPTILIUM® is a patented solution (Vaccinium macrocarpon (Cranberry) Fruit Extract), recommended in all overall anti-aging skin care products. This active ingredient has a natural origin content of 99% (ISO 16128) and respects biodiversity regulations. Available in aqueous solution (recommended amount: 0.5 to 2%), it is compliant with international cosmetic regulations (Europe, United States, China, Japan, etc.).

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Source: SILAB

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