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Shiseido to Unveil Anti-wrinkle Cream for Whitening Effect - Wrinklelift Deep Retinowhite

Published on 2017-09-14. Author : SpecialChem

Shiseido Company will launch “Wrinklelift Deep Retinowhite 4” cream that improves wrinkles around the eyes and mouth and has a whitening effect . The launch will target Japan and China, subsequently, starting November 1, 2017 under the Asia-only aging-care line, VITAL-PERFECTION by brand SHISEIDO which is sold in 88 countries and regions across the world.

Shiseido to Unveil Anti-wrinkle Cream for Whitening Effect
Shiseido to Unveil Anti-wrinkle Cream

Wrinklelift Deep Retinowhite

SHISEIDO VITAL-PERFECTION is a skincare line specially formulated for Asian women that goes beyond anti-aging, beyond whitening. Available in 17 countries and regions in Asia, including Japan, and travel retail, the line is exemplary of synergistic effects of cross-border marketing.

The second launch under “Shiseido Facial Expression Project”. An anti-wrinkle and whitening quasi-drug cream, a potent fusion of pure retinol, an active quasi-drug ingredient which was acknowledged for its wrinkle-improving effects for the first time in Japan, and 4MSK, an original whitening agent.

Communication activities will be launched to convey the beauty of women with rich facial expressions, including campaigns at store-fronts and advertisements. The product will also contribute to the expansion of the anti-wrinkle market both in Japan and Asia.

Shiseido Vital-Perfection

SHISEIDO surveyed Asian women about their attitudes to facial expression and wrinkles and found that 90% of women would smile with greater confidence if their wrinkles didn’t show. “Wrinklelift Deep Retinowhite 4” is an anti-wrinkle and whitening quasi-drug cream for targeted application that was developed in order to meet such needs, through analyzing the way Asian women’s faces move and how their wrinkles look as their facial expressions change.

Its active ingredient, pure retinol, promotes the production of hyaluronic acid and increases the amount of moisture in the skin, smoothing it and improving the appearance of wrinkles. At the same time, 4MSK, the whitening agent, effectively suppresses the production of melanin. It gives you a firmer, brighter look—one that allows you to express yourself fully, with renewed confidence.

Youthful Appearance

When aging signs such as wrinkles, loss of resilience, dark spots and dullness appear at the same time, they accentuate each other, causing a less youthful look overall. VITAL-PERFECTION focuses on the root cause of these age-related concerns and goes beyond anti-aging, beyond whitening as a skincare line for Asian women who are uncompromising when it comes to beauty.

All products of the line-up feature VP8 technology that blends VP Complex, a combination of selected botanical extracts and moisturizing ingredients, with the effective whitening ingredient, 4MSK. VP8 makes VITAL-PERFECTION an all-encompassing solution for visible signs of aging such as wrinkles, loss of resilience, dark spots and dull tone.

Promotion in Asia

Shiseido is currently reinforcing the so-called cross-border marketing which targets three areas, Japan, China, and travel retail, as one market. Sales of “Wrinklelift Deep Retinowhite 4” already started in Asia (except Japan and China) and travel retail in autumn 2016, and its launch in Japan in November 2017 will help to align and enhance the promotion at stores. The product will contribute to expanding the anti-wrinkle market not only in Japan but also in Asia overall.

Shiseido Facial Expression Project” kicked off all over Japan in April 2017 with the aim of liberating women to show their intrinsic rich facial expressions and helping them exude a radiant glow, thereby contributing to creating a beautiful world filled with expressions. In June 2017, “ELIXIR SUPERIEUR Enriched Wrinkle Cream S” was released as the initial product.

The November launch of “Wrinklelift Deep Retinowhite 4” will mark the second product under the project. To convey how wonderful women who have rich facial expressions are, we will carry out a variety of communication activities across Japan at the time of the launch, such as campaigns at store-fronts, mass media advertisement, etc.

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Source: Shiseido Company
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