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Pacific Shaving Launches Multicolor Unisex Shaving Creams

Published on 2021-09-13. Edited By : SpecialChem

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Shaving Cream MulticolorPacific Shaving Company has launched the #ShaveWithPurpose collection; a product line of six rich and moisturizing shaving creams for men and women in different colors.

Color is not the only difference with the new shaving creams. Year-round, 10 percent of proceeds from each sale go directly to non-profit organizations that support important health and social causes.

New #ShaveWithPurpose Collection

Since its founding in 2002, the company has been providing customers with innovative and effective grooming essentials that make the mundane task of shaving more enjoyable.

The seed for the #ShaveWithPurpose line of colorful shaving cream was planted in early 2020 as Ades and Sofronas were becoming increasingly concerned about the growing social injustices and healthcare inequities throughout the U.S.

"Our mission has always been to develop innovative and effective grooming products with purpose. With #ShaveWithPurpose, we really love the idea of turning an everyday routine like shaving into a charitable action, and an easy way to build awareness for these important causes. If you don't have the time to volunteer or the means to give monetarily, you can still demonstrate support and continue to keep awareness for these causes forefront in your mind each day - all before you even leave your bathroom," shared Stan Ades, CEO and co-Founder of Pacific Shaving Company.

Like all of Pacific Shaving Company's formulas of safe and quality ingredients, these slick shaving creams deliver a rich, cushiony lather suitable for anywhere you shave. They are designed for all genders, free of synthetic fragrances and packaged in recyclable aluminum cans.

Source: Pacific Shaving


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