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NuSil's CareSil™ Silicone Brand for Personal Care Gets Formulation Award at Cosmetagora'14

Published on 2014-02-21. Author : SpecialChem

CARPINTERIA, California -- CareSil™, the new high-purity silicone brand for personal care from NuSil Technology, receives accolades in formulation excellence at the COSMETAGORA Formulation Competition for its unique water in silicone (W/Si) Mousse Velours ("Velvet Mousse") foundation that delivers a lighter, fresher feel than traditional silicone-based alternatives.

The breakthrough from NuSil's R&D team was to blend 30% water with CareSil's high-purity silicone elastomer gel, CXG-1104, to give the formulation cost-efficiencies and the very best sensory feel that silicone technology has to offer. The results are a product that looks like a mousse, feels natural like skin and spreads evenly and smoothly.

CareSil's CXG-1104 is a dimethicone and dimethicone/vinyl dimethicone crosspolymer that yields less than .05% D4, making it the purest silicone elastomer gel available in the personal care industry. It enables formulators to create a matte, powdery and ultra-covering finish while forming a substantive film for long lasting effect without the unwanted balling normally seen in silicone elastomer gel solutions.

Claudie Willemin, President of La Société Française de Cosmétologie (SFC), presented one of only three awards to NuSil, after a nine judge panel blind-tested and rated formulations on technical concept, sensory appeal, and marketing potential.

NuSil sees the award as validation of the rave reviews CareSil has received since its launch this past April. "It's really exciting to be the only silicone supplier recognized and I see it as a great compliment to the hard work of our state-of-the-art applications labs in France and the United States", commented CareSil Marketing & Sales Director, Michel Bassens. "We are excited to continue our work with the leading names in the personal care industry, delivering the unique and pure silicone solutions they demand".

CareSil looks forward to showcasing more novel silicone-based formulations and technologies at the In Cosmetics trade show in Hamburg, Germany this coming April.

About NuSil Technology LLC and the CareSil brand

NuSil Technology LLC, the global leader in silicone materials for the healthcare, pharmaceutical, drug delivery, and aerospace industries, presents CareSil™, a new business unit in silicone materials for skin care, and its namesake line of silicones for this industry, designed first and foremost to help care for skin. CareSil combines NuSil's rich silicone expertise and personalized customer service to deliver medical-quality silicones that meet the needs of virtually any skin care application — from moisturizers and sun screens to skin repair serums and anti-wrinkle lotions, or anything in between.

Source: NuSil Technology

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