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New Range of CBD-based Formulations Fuses Skincare & Makeup

Published on 2021-04-23. Edited By : SpecialChem

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New_CBD_FormulationsTBM Brand Lab introduces a new range of formulations based on cannabidiol (CBD) that fuse the plant’s soothing skincare benefits with rich, luscious makeup textures for complexion and lip.

The full-service range, called ‘Chillist,’ offers brands a new evolution of skincare-makeup fusion designed to nourish and enhance skin while delivering vivid color and natural, uniform finishes.

Four Sensorial Formulations

The collection includes four sensorial formulations:

  • CBD Skin-Perfecting Jelly Cream: Innovative cream transforms during application to create a flawless, skin-perfecting, natural finish. Evens skin tone, minimizes the appearance of pores, and unifies the complexion for a healthy look
  • CBD Concealer: Multi-action concealer corrects and highlights with medium coverage and radiant finish in a soft, creamy, lightweight formula
  • CBD Lip Oil: Rich, nourishing lip oil infused with vibrant pigment and plumping peptide leaves lips smooth, voluptuous and tinted
  • CBD Liquid Lipstick: Velvet liquid lipstick with high coverage and a transfer-proof, semi-matte finish

The fusion of makeup & skincare is long underway and has already spawned new generations of active makeup that both optimise skin and streamline beauty routines,” said Ambra Orini, founding partner of The Beauty Makers and TBM Brand Lab. “The trend propels makeup into a more functional space, especially as consumers embrace more natural coverage, making CBD-based makeup an organic evolution of the category.”

Organic-certified Formulas

All formulations are made in Italy and formulated with organic-certified, European-origin, THC-free cannabidiol extracted from the cannabis sativa stem, seeds or leaves. All formulas can be customized to brands’ desired shades and CBD dosage.

The range focuses on usage-benefit links for a real multi-use proposition,” said Orini. “We wanted to capture some of the beloved uses of CBD, like calming, nourishing, anti-inflammatory, anti-redness and antioxidant protection to enhance product forms already linked to these benefits—for a concealer that visually works on top of the skin while improving the condition of the skin, for example.”

The Chillist range encapsulates the makeup industry trend toward multi-functional, skincare-fusion concepts that deliver added value through skincare benefits and elevated sensorial experiences, and it comes as EU regulations widen usage guidelines for plant-derived CBD in cosmetics.

Source: TBM Brand Lab
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