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Naturex at in-cosmetics Global 2017: to Complement Eutectys™ Botanicals Range

Published on 2017-03-13. Author : SpecialChem

AVIGNON, France -- Naturex has strengthened its personal care portfolio with the introduction of Tillandsia to its Eutectys™ botanicals range.

Naturex at in-cosmetics Global 2017: to Complement Eutectys™ Botanicals Range
Naturex to Complement its
Eutectys™ Botanicals Range

Tillandsia - Addition to Eutectys™ Range

Also known as Angel’s Hair, Tillandsia is a plant that grows on other plants, often taking root on the limbs of trees, creating large structures that hang from the branches. It obtains moisture from run-off water that falls onto its stems and leaves. This is subsequently stored in its plump tissues, where it stays until required during dry periods.

Hair Active from NaDES Technology

Naturex has harnessed these properties to benefit human hair in the form of a new active – Tillandsia Eutectys™ – which has been proven to enhance hair suppleness, increasing its manageability by reducing friction and making it easier to comb.

Like every other ingredient in the Eutectys™ collection, this new active is produced using Eutectigenesis, a patented extraction process that involves Natural Deep Eutectic Solvents (NaDES).

Studies Showcase Cherry Blossom Benefits

Meanwhile, Naturex has released the results of two double-blind clinical trials involving its Cherry Blossom Eutectys™ active.

The ingredient, which has also been rebranded as ELIORELYS™, was shown in the studies to improve significantly the appearance of the skin of subjects aged 40-50 and 51-60 years old who were already showing signs of photo-aging.

  • The results demonstrated firstly that ELIORELYS™ has protective effect against photo-aging.
  • It was subsequently shown that the topical application of ELIORELYS™ delivers skin repair benefits, too, with levels of carbonylated proteins and MDA (markers of lipids oxidation) significantly reduced versus a placebo. 
  • The researchers observed a reduction in photo-induced skin damage after 28 days of applying a cosmetic formulation containing ELIORELYS™, while skin texture was also improved after 56 days.

Tillandsia Eutectys™ and ELIORELYS™ will take centre-stage for Naturex at the forthcoming in-cosmetics exhibition, which will be staged at London’s ExCel from 4-6 April 2017. Among other products, Naturex will demonstrate the potential of Tillandsia Eutectys™ in a new concept hair care product called Flexi Hair Cream. Exhibiting on Stand NN20, Naturex will also showcase Chakah Honey, a new addition to its Super Honeys collection – a line of ready-to-use cosmetic honeys first unveiled in January 2017.

Ancient Super Honey Rediscovered

Chakah Honey has never been used in the modern cosmetics market, and was only recently rediscovered by Naturex sourcing experts working in the Yucatan region of Mexico, the cradle of the ancient Mayan civilization. The Maya used the bark or leaves of the Chakah tree as a basis for their traditional medicine.

And Chakah Flower Honey is a treasure-trove of health benefits. It delivers a moisturizing activity that, although traditionally well known, had not previously been scientifically demonstrated. But more importantly, in vitro research has shown it to stimulate and protect the mitochondria, the energy reservoir of human cells, making Chakah a super-active energizing cosmetic honey.

About Naturex

Naturex sources, manufactures and markets natural specialty ingredients for the food, health and cosmetic industries. As the Natural Maker, the company actively supports the global shift to natural by directly addressing key consumer expectations through an offer built on two main focus areas: My Natural Food and My Natural Selfcare.Naturex’s portfolio includes colors, antioxidants, specialty fruits & vegetables, phytoactives, and numerous other plant-based natural ingredients, designed to help its customers create healthy, authentic and effective products.

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Source: Naturex
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