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Naolys Launches New Data for Smooth Lightening White Rose to Get Radiant Skin Complexion

Published on 2015-12-09. Author : SpecialChem

Naolys has unveiled new data addressing important need for light and radiant skin complexion, uniform skin tone with its white rose-based anti-aging ingredient, Smooth Lightening White rose, revives the complexion's radiance, making it brighter and more uniform; reduces pigmentation defects.

White-rose Derived Skin Radiance Promoter
Fig. 1: White-rose Derived Skin Radiance Promoter

Throughout the year, especially in the winter, many city-dwellers complain of a dull, grey, complexion, lacking in radiance. This can be explained by multiple factors: beyond the possible negligence of our skin, we lead high speed lives in an environment that presents many different kinds of stress, and which ultimately can threaten our skin at any time. In the city, for example, the skin is exposed to pollutants, as well as UVB. According to recent studies, these are likely to increase cellular oxidation and weaken the skin barrier. This daily exposure has negative consequences for our skin's health; it also increases chronological ageing, which destabilizes and slows normal cell function.

But the cause can also be associated with our skin type. In Asia, in addition to a tendency to pigment imbalance, women have more reactive skin, which dehydrates faster, and can quickly appear dull, especially when judged by the beauty standards set by the stars of the cinema and music industries.

Smooth Lightening White rose’s action is concentrated on the epidermis, in its upper layers, where the living cells are closest to the external environment, and react to stress. It has a protective effect, and supports natural mechanisms that have deteriorated due to ageing and environmental factors.

Smooth Lightening White rose protects keratinocytes in several ways:

By reducing the production of free radicals due to pollution (in particular exhaust gases) and heavy metals present in city air. This oxidation eventually leads to cellular malfunction.

By improving cellular respiration, including metabolism, thereby increasing the supply of oxygen, which also reduces the creation of free radicals and stimulates the elimination of toxins.

By reducing the synthesis of inflammatory mediators released by oxidative stress. That raises the skin's tolerance threshold, thereby reducing the factors causing irritation and redness.

Tests were carried out for 28 days and 56 days on a sample of 30 women aged 25 to 65 years-old. Application once a day. Measurements made by clinical scoring carried out by a dermatologist according to a pre-established set of criteria. Emulsion containing 0.5% of Smooth Lightening White rose (dispersion form, 20% of cells)

About Naolys

Based on an international savoir-faire, Naolys develops and produces cosmetic active ingredients dedicated to the Cosmetics industry. Naloys actives, holding a world patent, are produced from an innovative and unique biotechnology process based on an industrial scale production of active plant cells.

Source: Naolys 

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