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Lubrizol’s New Botanical Ingredient Promotes Healthier-looking Yoga Skin

Published on 2021-09-03. Edited By : SpecialChem

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Lubrizol yoga skinLubrizol Life Science - Beauty (LLS Beauty) invites consumers to experience glowing, healthier-looking skin, like the radiant look that results from a yoga class, with its new Oxylance™ advanced botanical ingredient.

Improves Skin Oxygen Levels

Oxylance™ advanced botanical ingredient is a botanical extract of Ligustrum lucidum sustainably sourced from the high-altitude mountains of China, where the oxygen levels are low, and extracted through eco-friendly Phenobio™ subcritical water technology. It mimics the Tibetan genetic adaptation to low oxygen conditions, resulting in increased oxygen supply to the skin and overall improved skin appearance.

With age, the skin’s microcirculation weakens, leading to impaired oxygenation. These changes can lead to a dull and unhealthy skin appearance. Oxylance™ advanced botanical ingredient combats these signs of aging creating a healthier-looking complexion, while also improving skin oxygen levels, similar to how yoga increases oxygenation to our body.

After a yoga session, we feel more relaxed, full of gratitude, and bursting with vitality. The effect is one that even makeup artists try to mimic,” said Bianca McCarthy, Ph.D., Global Marketing Manager, Active Ingredients, LLS Beauty. “Now, with Oxylance™ advanced botanical ingredient consumers can experience glowing, radiant “yoga skin” any time of the day.”

In vivo study results showed increased skin oxygen levels in a similar way to yoga; more glowing and radiant skin after 28 days; and reduced crow’s feet and skin roughness by up to 68% and 32%, respectively. The clinical study also showed improved feelings of happiness similar to a yoga session, and overall healthier looking complexion for a “yoga-skin” look.

Source: Lubrizol

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