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LR Health & Beauty Unveils Paraben-free Aloe Vera Brand for Natural Skin & Hair Care

Published on 2017-07-03. Author : SpecialChem

LR Health & Beauty has launched new Aloe Vera brand for the whole family.

LR Health & Beauty Unveils Aloe Vera Brand for Natural Skin & Hair Care
LR Health & Beauty Unveils Aloe Vera Brand for
Natural Skin & Hair Care

Natural Moisturizer

Aloe Vera is a natural moisture booster and a true all-rounder. The plant’s leaf gel contains a unique combination of active ingredients, including vitamins, minerals and amino acids. With LR ALOE VIA, LR Health & Beauty combines the best Aloe Vera has to offer its gel with 15 years of Aloe Vera care competence.

50% Aloe Vera on Average

A high Aloe Vera content, proven combinations of active ingredients and the natural power of precious organic extracts such as magnolia, green tea, calendula and bamboo are what make the LR ALOE VIA care series so unique and varied in terms of effects.

It regenerates, provides an extra boost of moisture and freshness soothes and protects. All products are 100% free of parabens and mineral oils for even more naturalness and care.

Vice President Marketing and Communication at LR Health & Beauty, Jessica Deventer said:

“On the way to naturally beautiful and healthy skin – this is what LR ALOE VIA stands for. The product lines offer all-round care for the whole family, whether young or old, everyone can find the right product for their care needs in the brand’s product diversity - from the main Face Care, Body Care, Special Care and Oral Care lines to the Hair Care, Men Care and Baby Care sub-lines.”

Controlled Manufacturing Processes & Quality Standards

All LR ALOE VIA products by LR Health & Beauty meet strict quality standards.

Jessica Deventer said:

"As one of the globally leading manufacturers of Aloe Vera products, we attach great importance to controlled manufacturing processes."

Regular inspections by the International Aloe Science Council (ISAC) ensure high Aloe Vera quality, from cultivation to processing. The independent institute Dermatest also confirms the skin compatibility of the LR ALOE VIA products.

Jessica Deventer stated:

"Our claim to quality should be clearly visible to every consumer. We therefore work with symbols on the 2 packaging, which makes the high Aloe Vera content instantly visible.”

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Source: LR Health & Beauty
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