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LipoTherapeia Launches Natural Ingredients-based Celluence® Phase Two Anti-cellulite Cream

Published on 2014-06-25. Author : SpecialChem

Scientists define cellulite as "oedematous fibrosclerotic subcutaneous panniculopathy". This in plain English means inflammation of the fat tissue deep inside the skin, accompanied by connective tissue laxity and deformity. Cellulite being such a multi-faceted aesthetic condition, it is not surprising that consumers complain that cellulite creams - many of which contain just one or two active ingredients - do not "work".

Now, Celluence® Phase Two, a dramatically different anti-cellulite cream designed by cellulite expert Georgios Tzenichristos, aims to act on all aspects of cellulite with twenty natural active ingredients. Celluence® Phase Two contains high concentrations of centella asiatica (gotu kola), ascorbic acid, carnosine, proanthocyanidin, pterostilbene, curcumin, retinol, sclareolide, green coffee bean extract, red pine bark extract and ten other natural active ingredients, all active against fat, inflammation, water retention, glycation, oxidative damage, skin laxity and connective tissue deformity.

"With so many different aspects of cellulite needing to be tackled, it is obvious that just some caffeine or retinol in beautiful packaging will not cut it", explains Georgios, who has 14 years of both theoretical and hands-on experience in cellulite reduction. "Clearly, cellulite cannot be reduced with one sided-approaches - a more comprehensive approach is needed. And this is the reason for creating the Celluence® range".

Twelve years ago, frustrated by the lack of quality multi-ingredient anti-cellulite creams, Georgios started formulating his own creams to enhance his cellulite treatments and help his clients at, LipoTherapeia, London’s only clinic dedicated to cellulite reduction and skin tightening.

Today LipoTherapeia clients benefit from advanced anti-cellulite creams that contain what Georgios calls "a dream team of the best active ingredients against cellulite". Now women around the world can benefit from this "dream team", as the Celluence® creams are finally available for worldwide purchase through the dedicated website.

Celluence® Phase Two complements Celluence® Phase One, the original multi-ingredient body cream that aims to tackle cellulite with a different group of twenty active ingredients. Georgios claims that the use of two creams is ideal if you are to benefit from all the important active ingredients available today. For the two Celluence® creams, Georgios selected the best 40 out of more than 400 actives that he assessed. Two different creams also allow for continuous use over several weeks (essential if you want to achieve maximum results) without your body getting used to any of the ingredients.

No miracle "cures" are promised and no exaggerated claims are made for the Celluence® range. This is surprising for such high specification products, especially when one considers how anti-cellulite creams are typically advertised or "reviewed" on the internet.

"I have dedicated the last 14 years in cellulite reduction and I know first-hand that cellulite is very difficult to treat, so it would be disingenuous of us to make such claims - a lot depends on lifestyle and genetics. In fact we prefer to make absolutely no claims about our creams, except one: that we offer you the best chance of reducing cellulite by providing you with the best, high purity, high quality, high concentration active ingredients in our creams".

About Celluence

Celluence® is a trading name of LipoTherapeia Ltd and a registered trademark. No use of this trademark is allowed without written permission. All information is provided and Celluence® products are sold by LipoTherapeia Ltd

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