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Lipoid Kosmetik Unveils New Organic Ingredient for Night-time Skin Recovery

Published on 2022-11-18. Edited By : SpecialChem

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Lipoid Kosmetik Unveils New Organic Ingredient for Night-time Skin RecoveryLipoid Kosmetik unveils a new ingredient Mountain Tea Pro, for the night-time remedy for skin recovery.

Mountain Tea Pro is an innovative ingredient for relaxing, tea-infused beauty concepts.

De-stressing and Antioxidative Qualities

With its de-stressing and antioxidative qualities, Mountain Tea Pro is the ideal ingredient for protective and regenerative skin care during the day and at night, as well as to accompany consumers into a healthy and restorative beauty sleep routine.

With Mountain Tea Pro Lipoid Kosmetik offers a novel, COSMOS-certified, substantiated extract based on a traceable, organic raw material source.

Evening beauty routines support relaxation and facilitate a restful and regenerative beauty sleep during the night. For that, tea rituals are the perfect starting point as they fit into a de-stressing and regenerative bedtime self-care routine, especially if based on caffeine-free herbal teas, such as mountain tea.

Active Ingredients

  • Greek mountain tea herb from a traceable, organic source
  • Protective antioxidants (phenolic acids, flavonoids)
  • Free of stimulating compounds (caffeine, catechins)

Proven Efficacy

  • in vitro - Skin protection against oxidative stress (during the day and night)
  • ex vivo - Regeneration of skin’s antioxidative potential

User Benefits

  • Caffeine-free beauty sleep support
  • Tea-inspired protection against oxidative stress
  • Overnight recovery of skin antioxidative potential

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Source: Lipoid Kosmetik

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