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KANEBO’s New Sheet Mask Brings Back Smiles During a Stressful Pandemic

Published on 2021-08-16. Edited By : SpecialChem

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KANEBO sheet maskKao Corporation to introduce SMILE PERFORMER, a sheet mask created to bring back smiling faces, together with a range of companion products from the brand KANEBO. Backed by its "I HOPE." brand theme, KANEBO offers new ideas for products and messages to lift spirits this autumn, a season when everyday mask-wearing remains the norm.

Adds Radiance & Bounce to Skin

More and more people are weary of the expressionless mood that comes from mask-wearing in daily life. According to a KANEBO survey on the habit of smiling, people miss the opportunity to meet others and often feel they have no reason to smile under their masks. The survey confirmed that people prize smiling faces for their positive effects both on themselves and on others.

Prompted by these survey findings, KANEBO decided to design a sheet mask with the power to bring back smiles to our faces. The aim was to promote the sharing of positive feelings and to reinforce a brand message that inspires hope. A KANEBO brand commercial highlighting the "HOPE MOVES YOU FORWARD.”

SMILE PERFORMER is a sheet mask that adds radiance and bounce to skin, creating a smiling impression. The sheet brings a natural smile to the face by lifting the cheeks, the corners of the mouth, and jawline for about 10 minutes (recommended period of use). Saturated with concentrated serum that adheres tightly and follows the movement of the skin, the thick, highly elastic sheet material ensures a reliable seal and excellent conformance with the skin contours. The mask remains firmly in place even as the face moves, bringing out radiance as it moistens and firms.

Masae Uchikawa, the brand manager of KANEBO explained the mask design and function: "Two lifters on either side of the lower half of the mask generate a gentle pressure to pull the skin up towards the temples. Our test group has reported pleasing results, including firmer and more radiant skin. Beauty care face masks have stayed as popular as ever during the COVID-19 pandemic in Japan. If anything, rigorous skincare using face masks seems to be coming into its own."

For reduced environmental impact, the sheets are made entirely from cotton by-products with outstanding biodegradable properties.

Source: Kao

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