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INTERPOLYMER Launches SYNTRAN® PC 5620 Polymer Dispersion for Water-based Nail Polishes

Published on 2011-09-30. Author : SpecialChem

INTERPOLYMER launches SYNTRAN® PC 5620 aqueous polymer dispersion for the formulation of water-based nail polishes. Solvents have been widely eliminated in the formulation of paints. Amazing that nitrocellulose still dominates the nail polish market today.

However solvent-based products are facing increased scrutiny because of the solvents they contain and their potential toxicity. Nail polish manufacturers are very slowly shifting toward "less toxic" formulations, as consumers become conscious of the potential health and environmental impact of these conventional "solvent-based" nail polishes. In order to overcome the toxicity hazards INTERPOLYMER has developed SYNTRAN® PC 5620 designed specifically to formulate water-based nail polishes. This technology platform was given the acronym - SAFE - which means "State-of-the-art" Acrylate Film-forming Emulsion.

Siegfried Gillich, Managing Director for Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia explains: "Our SYNTRAN® PC 5620 exhibits excellent initial gloss and gloss retention. The dry-to-touch time is very fast compared to other water-based nail polishes and acceptable compared to solvent based systems. It exhibits excellent water and wear resistance, hardness and adhesion to the nail surface. The SAFE technology also allows the formulator to develop nail polishes that are compatible with water-based actives. Our SAFE technology eliminates all those concerns with regard to safety hazards, toxicity and VOC issues currently facing solvent-based nail polishes."

Audrey Ameline, Category Manager Cosmetics and Personal Care ads: "Laboratory testing has shown that formulations containing our SYNTRAN® PC 5620 exhibits quicker drying time and superior wear and hardness compared to competitive water based nail polishes. Moreover our test formulation provides superior initial gloss compared to water-based and solvent-based benchmarks." INTERPOLYMER is presenting the results in a technical presentation at SEPAWA Conference in Fulda, Germany.


INTERPOLYMER is a global manufacturer of acrylic emulsions serving floor care, leather, carpet, personal care applications such as mascara, eyeliner, hair styling, shampoos, sun care, and industrial applications such as paints, coatings, glues, construction and industrial processes . The company has production sites, research & development and application laboratories in the US in Canton, MA and Louisville, KY, in Europe in Hassloch, Germany and Wissembourg, France and in Asia in Shanghai and Nanjing, China.


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