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Givaudan Presents Advanced Anti-pollution Solutions for Skin Repair

Published on 2017-05-04. Author : SpecialChem

Antipollution is a complex and challenging topic for the cosmetic industry as pollution is a multi-faceted enemy: fine particles, UV, Ozone, Aromatic/Sulfur compounds, heavy metals and reactive oxygen species (ROS) can all cause different damages on the skin and on the hair. As a consequence, specific beauty solutions are needed to ensure to the consumers highly-efficient products, protecting them from any of these external threats.

Givaudan - Advanced Anti-pollution Solutions for Skin Repair
Givaudan - Advanced Anti-pollution Solutions for Skin Repair

Givaudan Active Beauty has presented a new way of considering pollution control, by offering the opportunity to include an anti-pollution activity at each step of the daily beauty routine. Active Beauty experts’ recommend to prevent, cure and repair the damages of pollution on the skin and on the hair, exactly as people are already used to protect themselves from the sun.

Anti-pollution Ingredients

Consumers will be able to anticipate the harmful effects of pollution thanks to preventive active ingredients such as:

  • Depollutine®
  • ResistHyal ™ (dedicated to hair care)
  • Unicontrozon ™ C-49
  • Unimer U-1946 
  • Inoveol® OLEU

Then, to cure actively the skin from the exposure to pollution, active ingredients like Neurophroline ™, Nyamplung oil and Uvaxine ™ will definitely contribute to preserve a uniform and radiant skin complexion.

Repairing & Soothing Skin

Repairing & Soothing Skin

Finally, to repair and soothe skin damaged by a pollution exposure, a selection of dedicated actives will perfectly complete & finalize the care such as:

  • Unirepair® T-43 
  • Brightenyl ™
  • Megassane®

Ophélie Bourgon, Technical & Marketing Support Manager, said:

“The key success factor for cosmetic brands is to keep a high level of flexibility and agility to bring fast solutions answering their consumers’ needs. We will launch during NY Suppliers day a full catalogue of actives targeting pollution, with new tests against aromatic compounds, diesel particles and ozone. Thanks to Givaudan’s expertise, brand managers will get the opportunity to be inspired to craft new types of products with multi-functional benefits around antipollution, which is a huge expectation from the consumers worldwide.”

About Givaudan

Givaudan is one of the global leaders in the creation of flavors and fragrances. In close collaboration with food, beverage, consumer product and fragrance partners, Givaudan develops tastes and scents that delight consumers the world over. With a passion to understand consumers’ preferences and a relentless drive to innovate, Givaudan is at the forefront of creating flavors and fragrances that ‘engage your senses’.

About Givaudan Active Beauty

Givaudan Active Beauty offers an extensive portfolio of innovative active cosmetic ingredients designed to bring beauty to the world. Inspired by the beauty needs of consumers worldwide, Active Beauty offers award-winning products for an expanded range of benefits including anti-aging, self-tanning, soothing, hydrating, cooling, and more. Its cutting-edge technologies draw on science and nature to create high-performing molecules and functional agents, including customized carrier systems.

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Source: Givaudan Active Beauty
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