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Givaudan Active Beauty Introduces Fragrance Concept [Yu] - Sensory Daily Gesture

Published on 2017-04-07. Author : SpecialChem

Givaudan Active Beauty has often looked at the natural world for inspiration. It draws upon the extraordinary benefits and properties of plants, microorganisms and vegetable sources, translating these with the latest sustainable biotechnologies into highly functional, high-performance products.

Givaudan Active Beauty Introduces Fragrance Concept [Yu] - Sensory Daily Gesture
Givaudan Active Beauty Introduces Fragrance
Concept [Yu] - Sensory Daily Gesture

Fragrance Premiere Concept

Givaudan Group has presented a world premiere concept called [Yu] (patent pending), an innovative fine fragrance featuring its latest active ingredient Revivyl™ , a holistic skin renewal accelerator, enabling to express and protect your uniqueness.

Laurent Bourdeau, Head of Active Beauty, said:

“[Yu] is a perfect example of our way we craft synergies between Fragrances and more especially Fine Fragrances and Active Beauty: to be an innovative ideas’ incubator inspiring our clients to develop new products for the future. It illustrates our strong commitment to develop our understanding of their needs and expectations”.

[Yu] – Protecting Your Uniqueness

[Yu] is born from the premise that all are unique. The uniqueness is written in everyone’s genome but even more in their microbiome. That is the main reason Givaudan has decided to offer a new way of protecting the skin while using a sensory, enhancing & daily gesture: the perfume.

Romain Reynaud, R&D Director, said:

“Analyzing the skin micro-flora of the skin, our Researchers have a deeper and unique undserstanding of overall benefits of skin micro flora for the skin and the body. Regarding those information, our Experts developed an active ingredient able to protect this skin micro-flora while stimulating skin regeneration. Revivyl™ instantly protects skin microbiota while maintaining the balance and even improving its composition.”

Incredible Floral Musky Notes

Be seduced by this concentrate of technology beautified by an incredible floral musky notes, with a fresh start neroli, a floral blooming heart with green, pink, iridescent and watery facets while bringing a soft and comfortable sensation.

Fabrice Lefèvre, Marketing & Innovation Director, said:

“Innovation is our steady state of mind. We build on exceptional perfumery and scientific talents to craft exclusive fragrances expressing the high performance of our active ingredient. [Yu] is leveraging our pioneering skin microbiome researches into a surprising and appealing consumers’ new concept product, while answering a key market trend: customization. [Yu] make you feel and look beautiful.”

About Givaudan

Givaudan is one of the global leaders in the creation of fragrances and flavors. In close collaboration with food, beverage, consumer product and fragrance partners, Givaudan develops tastes and scents that delight consumers the world over. With a passion to understand consumers’ preferences and a relentless drive to innovate, Givaudan is at the forefront of creating fragrances and flavors that ‘engage your senses’.

About Givaudan Active Beauty

Givaudan Active Beauty offers an extensive portfolio of innovative active cosmetic ingredients designed to bring beauty to the world. Inspired by the beauty needs of consumers worldwide, Active Beauty offers award-winning products for an expanded range of benefits including anti-ageing, self-tanning, soothing, hydrating, cooling, and more. Its cutting-edge technologies draw on science and nature to create high performing molecules and functional agents, including customized carrier systems. Part of the Fragrance Division, Active Beauty leads the market in crafting innovative products supported by our strong expertise in advanced and applied sciences.

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Source: Givaudan Active Beauty
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