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Geotech Launches Geopearl® and Metalloy® Effect Pigments for Color Cosmetics

Published on 2012-04-13. Author : SpecialChem

Geotech announces the introduction of new Geopearl® and Metalloy® effect pigments at the in cosmetics exhibition in Barcelona. It concerns an innovative line of synthetic mica based pigments for all cosmetic applications and a new aluminum dispersion to achieve brilliant metallic colors in nail polishes.

Geopearl® Crystal pigments

Geopearl® Crystal pigments are pearlescent pigments based on synthetic fluorphlogopite mica. The new products offer outstanding whiteness and transparency. They are ideal for pressed powders, lipstick, facial makeup and nail polish.

In total Geotech will show 18 new pearlescent pigments in Barcelona. Geopearl® Crystal Glittering Icy White (100-260 µm) is a new very pure silver-white pigment, which produces a strong effect especially in transparent and white applications. Also new in this range are interference colors, available in five shades; Gold, Red, Green, Blue and Violet. Each shade is available in 3 different particle sizes; regular (10 - 60 µm), bright (10 - 100 µm) and sparkling (20 - 150 µm).

The Geopearl® Crystal Rainbow series is expanded by two smaller particle sizes; sparkling (10 - 125 µm) and glittering (40 - 200 µm). The Crystal Rainbow series offer outstanding multicolor interference effects which are suitable for color cosmetic applications like powders, lipsticks or glosses and nail polishes. They can also be used in the personal care segment for opaque systems.

All Geopearl® Crystal effect pigments are in compliance with the FDA, EU and Japanese regulations for cosmetics. As such they can be used globally without limitations, except for the eye area which only allows particles up to 150 µm.

According to Mr. Harold van Haren, Managing Director at Geotech, synthetic mica pigments are a bridge to the future of pearlescent pigments in cosmetics. Mr. van Haren: "In terms of product quality, the new Geopearl® Crystal series offer a significant advantage in whiteness and purity. Due to the artificial nature of the substrate the level of impurities is very much decreased compared to natural mica. As a result the heavy metal contents of Geopearl Crystal pigments are extremely low. Furthermore the availability of natural mica, the mainly used substrate for pearlescent pigments in cosmetics, is limited. It became complex to get a first class natural mica out of the mines. Finally it is good to see that the price level for synthetic mica (fluorphlogopite) based pigments goes down. Now days these pigments can be used by all segments in the industry. This makes the market potential for the synthetic crystal range high."

Metalloy® aluminium dispersion

This new product is a so called vacuum metallized pigment of aluminum dispersed in ethyl acetate. It provides superior brilliance for nail polishes. In finished products Metalloy® VMP010-EA offers high gloss and extremely decorative effects similar to metallized substrates. When mixed with other colorants fabulous polychromatic effects can be achieved.

The aluminum pigment has a uniform thickness and homogenous smooth surface. As a result this Metalloy® dispersion offers a level of brilliance and hiding power which cannot be achieved by traditional aluminum pigments.

About Geotech

Geotech is a dynamic and innovative company with a clear focus on the development, production and distribution of special effect pigments. Quality control, product development, formulating support and technical training create high added value for customers and partners since more than 25 years now.

Source: Geotech

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