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Covestro Presents its Baycusan® Portfolio at SCC Suppliers’ Day 2018

Published on 2018-05-15. Author : SpecialChem

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At New York Society of Cosmetic Chemists Suppliers’ Day 2018, May 15-16, in New York City, Covestro presents its Baycusan® portfolio in booth #1131, including the new Baycusan® eco line of polyurethane film formers created from renewable raw materials. The company also highlights its sustainability initiatives and its approach for the cosmetic industry.

Covestro Presents its Baycusan® Portfolio at SCC Suppliers’ Day 2018
Covestro Presents its Baycusan® Portfolio at SCC Suppliers’ Day 2018

Polymers to Perfect your Look

Today’s consumers want sustainable cosmetics and manufacturers are answering the call by striving to limit their impact on the environment. Covestro LLC is helping manufacturers meet these demands by providing a myriad of top-notch raw material choices—from polyurethane dispersions to ethanol-based polymers—to meet changing consumer needs. The company’s Baycusan® product portfolio features bio-based raw materials and focuses on product end-of-life attributes, such as biodegradability.

Derived Natural Ingredient

The Baycusan® eco line has a minimum of 50 percent of carbon content from plant biomass, fulfilling the definition of a derived natural ingredient, according to the ISO 16128-1 standard. The versatile line performs as effectively as conventional products and is suitable for hair care, skin and sun care and color cosmetics formulations.

Polymers for Advanced Formulations

At Suppliers’ Day, Covestro also showcases other polymers utilized in advanced formulations for superior hair protection, repair and styling capabilities, including Baycusan® C 1010, which helps protect hair against humidity, heat and environmental factors. This material is used in waxes, lotions, creams, foams and other waterborne hairstyling formulations to provide a long-lasting hold with a natural feel.

Formulations for Healthy-looking Skin

Additionally, skin-friendly and anti-pollution formulations designed for youthful, healthy-looking skin features at the company’s booth:

  • Baycusan® C 2000 enables new textures and product forms for transparent light gels and oils in sun care applications with a high level of sun protection and water resistance.
  • Baycusan® C 1004/1 provides extra protection against sand and water when used in sun protection formulations. At its booth, Covestro will showcase a face mask application with this ingredient.
  • Baycusan® C 1000 enables formulators to create high-performance sun protection formulations with a light feel that is appropriate for sensitive skin, and ocean friendly.

Covestro also highlights film formers for low-odor waterborne nail polishes alongside other advanced materials solutions.

Attendees of Suppliers’ Day are invited to the Covestro booth (#1131) to speak with materials experts about these raw materials and other products in the Baycusan® film-former portfolio. Booth visitors can also experience a free hair or face makeover by a stylist, using products formulated with Baycusan® raw materials.

Source: Covestro
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