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Covestro’s New Bio-based Film Former Prevents Discoloration in Makeup Formulations

Published on 2020-08-24. Edited By : SpecialChem

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Covestro_Film_FormerCovestro launches Baycusan® eco E 1001, a naturally-derived film former that guarantees long-lasting performance and showcase a high level of plant-based ingredients.

Film Former with Beneficial Properties

Consumers are asking for more natural ingredients in their cosmetic formulas, which puts cosmetics formulators under pressure. Covestro’s new partially bio-based film former, Baycusan® eco E1001, can be the solution to help formulators overcome this challenge.

The partially bio-based film former helps prevent undesirable effects like smearing or discoloration in natural make-up formulations. And, maintains the advantageous properties of synthetic film formers, such as water and abrasion-resistance and transfer-resistance, as provided by traditional makeup formulations.

With this development, we are reacting to a growing environmental awareness among consumers. We are also helping improve sustainability for our customers,” said Mélanie Dick, global marketing manager for cosmetics.

New Partially Bio-based Film Former

Baycusan® eco E 1001 is part of a new product line of polyurethane ingredients based at least 50 percent on renewable raw materials. The new product fulfills the requirements for natural origin materials in accordance with ISO standard 16128.

The unique chemistry of the liquid polyurethane polymers allows the introduction of a high amount of renewable materials into the new polymers without losing any of the key benefits of synthetic polymers.

The project is also part of a strategic program under which Covestro intends to focus completely on the circular economy. One of our key focus areas is using alternative raw materials like biomass in our production,” said Dick.

Source: Covestro
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