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Clariant Received Multiple Awards for Its Powerful Ingredients at in-cosmetics Global

Published on 2023-05-17. Edited By : SpecialChem

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Clariant Received Multiple Awards for Its Powerful Ingredients at in-cosmetics Global Clariant’s advanced and powerful active ingredients, Rootness® Awake and Aristoflex® Eco T, won Gold Award in the Green Ingredient category and Silver Award in the Innovation Zone: Functional Ingredient category at in-cosmetics Global 2023.

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Innovation Zone: Functional Ingredient Award

Ingredients that are both biodegradable and deliver strong performance were also highly commended by the judges, with Aristoflex® Eco T from Clariant being presented with the silver award.

Aristoflex® Eco T delivers strong thickening and stabilizing performance while also being readily biodegradable and naturally derived, with a renewable carbon index (RCI) of 71%.

The beauty industry’s increasing focus on environmental sustainability and natural formulations requires alternatives to synthetic rheology modifiers. However, the performance drawbacks of natural thickeners can present a challenge to formulators aiming to create products with luxurious textures and skin feel. The new readily biodegradable rheology modifier combines the performance of synthetic polymers and the sustainability of biopolymers, giving formulators the freedom to make sustainable and highly appealing end-consumer products.

Benefits of Aristoflex® Eco T:

  • Strong viscosity building
  • Provides a pleasant, luxurious skin feel (comparable with Carbomer)
  • Maintains texture and viscosity across wide temperature and pH ranges
  • Can stabilize oils and UV filters

Green Ingredient Award

Celebrating ingredients that make a significant environmental or social difference was the Green Ingredient Award. Taking the 2023 title Rootness® Awake from Clariant – described as an “eco-friendly eye contour illuminator”, the natural active ingredient is extracted from the roots of the ipomoea batatas thanks to Plant Milking technology. It is rich in DCQEs (dicaffeoylquinate esters) and targets several mechanisms responsible for under-eye circles and eye bags.

Rootness® Awake decreases the release of inflammatory mediators, helps to reduce the microvascular network, ensures skin thickness, strengthens integrity and firmness and reduces under-eye pigmentation and edema or fluid build-up, and visibly lightens and rejuvenates the look.

Rootness Awake addresses the major processes responsible for dark circles and under-eye bags:

  • It limits the persistent release of inflammatory mediators, at the origin of swelling and redness
  • It helps inhibit the development of the vascular network that causes reddish or purplish shades
  • It counteracts skin thinning and loss of skin firmness by stimulating cell metabolism and down-regulating the expression of genes responsible for extracellular matrix degradation (MMPs)

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Source: SpecialChem

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