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Clariant Unveils Nature-derived Formulations to Support Modern Skin Care Needs

Published on 2020-11-25. Author : SpecialChem

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Clariant_New_Natural_FormulationsClariant Active Ingredients launches RetroFuture, inspirational formulation ideas to bring comfort in today’s unsettled times. In RetroFuture, customers can embrace the future with a trusted and traditional foundation that will provide the basis for new, modern natural-focused skin care. Classic formats are reinvented for new application areas or novel application techniques.

Formulations with New Application Formats

Each formulation is cross-generational, providing a wide range of benefits to support modern skin care needs for hydration and safeguarding the skin matrisome. The significant proportion of nature-derived ingredients supports formulators in increasing the natural content of their formulations.

D-Stress Jelly Face Serum Hydrates the Skin

The thick and bubbly jelly serum captures the past and future through a time-tested classic gel chassis transformed to new sensorial and application heights. Designed for innovative brush application, it leaves skin as light and hydrated as needed.

Sustainable hydration is delivered by resynchronizing skin’s natural rhythm with B-Circadin®, based on the flower and stem extract of the roundhead lespedeza, and by mimicking skin’s own support system with HerbEx™ Hyaluron 1.0. Prenylium®, an extract derived from the roots of the white mulberry tree, completes the action. Targeted root stimulation means it is packed with prenylated flavonoids for high efficacy matrisome protection properties for a youthful skin.

Nourishing Hand Mask Counters Dehydrating and Irritant Effects

The hand mask is particularly relevant for countering the dehydrating, irritant effects of frequent handwashing and sanitizing as well as exposure to indoor pollution. This rich mask from Mother Nature and the best of science leaves skin refreshed and bolsters its natural defenses, even for hypersensitive skin. It draws on traditional Chinese medicine practices and Korean traditions, featuring one of the most popular herbal remedies – ginseng – in the form of HerbEx Korean Ginseng Extract to provide protection from UV damages.

The formulation is complemented by active Eosidin®, an extract of green citrus unshiu peel from sustainable sources enriched in highly potent molecules known to regulate immunomodulation and decrease sensitivity. Moisture levels are increased naturally with long-lasting effects thanks to skin-mimicking moisturizing molecules.

Thin to Thick Skin Oil Strengthens Thin Skin

The beautiful yellow oil is dispensed in a novel way via a roll-on pen and provides strength to the thin skin areas like the lips and eyes contours. Derived from a traditional face oil serum format, this modern twist, made with scientifically enhanced natural emollients, including familiar favorites like camellia seed and olives, brings support and soothing to the most fragile areas of the face.

Fuligo Wax brings its skin elasticity support while Rootness™ Energize, sustainably sourced from the roots of luffa cyclindrica, delivers a boost of energy thanks to its rich concentration of bryonolic acid, illuminating the eye area and smoothing the lip contours.

Advanced Environmentally Responsible Technologies

Extracts of traditionally favored ingredients, including western medicinal herbs used by the Ancient Greeks, ayurvedic plants, herbs and spices used in Chinese medicine, and plant-derived molecules with long established efficacy, are complemented by technologically advanced highly concentrated active ingredients sourced with minimal depletion of plant or vegetal resources.

For example, via Plant Milking Technology with its non-destructive cultivation and harvesting of aeroponically grown roots, use of plant stem cells, or a biotechnological fermentation process to create natural derived active compounds. The cultivation and extraction processes for these advanced actives are always respectful of the environment and resources. They also enable an increased yield of extracts which have a significantly high concentration of active molecule, ensuring enhanced performance and greater formulation efficacy.

In the UK alone, 45% of 16-34 year old have used beauty and personal care activities to reduce anxiety since this year began. And globally, we see care for the environment becoming a higher priority too. Through our nature-derived ingredients and formulation format suggestions, we are delighted to support formulators with inspiration for future-ready beauty products that embrace cravings for the safety of familiarity together with the security that comes from science-backed efficacy and more environmentally-respectful production,” commented Charlotte Stricane, application development manager at Clariant Active Ingredients.

Clariant Active Ingredients experts present new formulations for natural-focused skin care and trusted classics paired with new application formats and powerful scientifically-proven ingredients.

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