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Clariant Showcased Science of Sustainable Beauty at CITE Japan

Published on 2023-05-22. Edited By : SpecialChem

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Clariant Showcased Science of Sustainable Beauty at CITE JapanClariant highlighted at the 11th Cosmetic Ingredients & Technology Exhibition (CITE) in Japan how it leverages science and technology to bring out the best sustainable beauty.

The exhibition was held on 17-19 May 2023 at the Pacifico Yokohama.

New Line-up of Exciting Ingredients & Formulation Technologies

The new rheology modifier Aristoflex® Eco T is such a product that caters for both performance and a desirable environmental profile. Unveiled only this February, Aristoflex® Eco T is a next-generation patented technology that combines the performance of synthetic polymers with the environmental profile of biopolymers.

If meeting safety and regulatory requirements is a priority, then the Nipaguard™ OS is an effective alternative solution without compromising on preservation power. Riding on new preservation technologies that address the growing consumer market trend of making the “free from” claim, Nipaguard™ OS offers all the formulation flexibilities and preservation requirements through its water solubility and pH stability.

Another product highlighted at CITE 2023 is the newly-launched Rootness® Mood+ advanced skincare active ingredient that mimics the recognized benefits of natural light to reactivate the skin’s natural radiance by triggering photoreceptors on it. Extracted eco-responsibly from the roots of the plant Sanguisorba officinalis that has been used in traditional Chinese medicine, Rootness Mood+ balances the adverse effects of reduced sun exposure to cosmetically reproduce light’s benefits on the skin to improve mood while also boosting Vitamin D through distribution and receptor activation. Rootness Mood+ is produced by Patented Plant Milking Technology which explores generally inaccessible plant parts - the roots - without killing the tree and allows for the production of rare compounds at an industrial scale.

For the fast-expanding segment of all-natural cosmetics and healthcare products, Clariant’s Plantasens and Beraca range received a lot of attention during CITE. The fully natural range of natural oils, butters, and clays provides the unique yet differentiated sensorial experience often necessary in cosmetic formulations in order for them to stand out in the competitive marketplace.

As the beauty care and personal care market continues to pick up in the aftermath of the pandemic, consumers are eagerly on the lookout for products with the added edge of offering extra protection while also bringing about a stronger health profile. Ingredients and formulation technologies that have addressed such demand and taken sustainability and natural elements into the equation are therefore getting a much stronger focus at the moment.

We’re really glad to be able to meet up with our customers face-to-face again at the upcoming CITE exhibition in Japan. Clariant will present our new line-up of exciting ingredients and formulation technologies that we believe will be able to answer many of the calls in the beauty and cosmetics market today.

In addition to the usual great performance expected of Clariant’s products, many of these solutions we’re showcasing at CITE have also incorporated the sustainability and environmental friendliness elements, making it easier for brand owners to deliver what the consumers ultimately want today,” said Vipul Bhatt, head of Personal and Home Care, Clariant Care Chemicals APAC.

Besides showcasing the highlighted products at the booth at A3-08 during CITE, Clariant also presented in the technical seminar sessions on the topics of “Eco-friendly Solution to Dark Circles & Eyebags in 7 days developed using patented Plant Milking Technology” and “Light-mimicking Skin Tone Equalizer and Wellness Active developed using patented Plant Milking Technology” that was held at 14:00-14:30 on 17 May 2023 and 12:30-13:00 on 19 May 2023 respectively.

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